Fall Asleep to the Sound of Gentle Raindrops

Tonight’s fall asleep to the sound of gentle raindrops meditation will ease you into deep sleep as you relax to the sounds of gentle raindrops.

Close your eyes and come with me as the sound of gentle raindrops trickle over you tonight.

Covering you with warmth and comfort.

Sleep is here for you, beautiful,

And tonight, her music is the rain.

So Let’s Begin…

gentle raindrops
Photographer: Anant Jain | Source: Unsplash


Observe your breath,

The faint, breezy sounds of your nose for every breath in and out.

The growing of your chest and stomach as you breathe in,

And the shrinking as you breathe out.

The natural slowing down of your body as you breathe in a little longer,

And breathe out a little more.

The increased warmth within you as you flood your body with oxygen.



gentle raindrops
Photographer: Anna Atkins | Source: Unsplash

As your body melts deeper into your bed,

See if you can notice the soft sounds of the raindrops in the background.

Gently tapping on your window,

As if each raindrop is reminding you that you are safe,

You are free,

And you are invited to surrender to sleep.


Gradually, the raindrops become just a little louder,

Creating a calming orchestra of sounds,

As they sing you to sleep.

Be here with them for the remainder of the meditation,

And let them carry you into the deep sleep awaiting you.

And if your mind begins to wander, just bring yourself back to the soothing rhythm of your breath,

And then back onto the sounds of the gentle raindrops.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful