Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Today’s everything is going to be okay meditation will help you calm down and know that everything is going to be okay.

Take a deep breath, my love, and let this moment pass.

It feels like a storm, I know.

The swirling of the worries, fears, thoughts and emotions,

They’re all so real and chaotic inside of you.

But come inside and find your stillness,

So you can know that everything is going to be okay.

So Let’s Begin…

everything is going to be okay


Breathe deeply, my love,

Feeling the fresh air fill up your body,

All the way to your fingers and your toes.

And exhale, releasing all that air until the very last drop.

Bring your breathing to a slow, natural rhythm,

And give it your attention.

Following its travels in and out of your nose,

Feeling its circular motion move your chest and belly up and down,

Noticing every outbreath relaxing your body further.

Ride the calming waves of your breath.


everything is going to be okay
Photographer: Aaron Burden | Source: Unsplash

Come inside, beautiful.

To this place here that has no name,

No walls,

No limits.

The space that lovingly hugs your spinning mind and dissolves the worries.

This is your True North.

The space that leads you home to yourself.

Be here now.


Be here,

And listen.

She speaks to you in soft whispers,

Not the loud, fast words of your mind.

She comes to you not when you anxiously seek her,

But rather when you surrender to the stillness inside.


Everything is going to be okay, she whispers,

As it all melts away.

Drop your shoulders and sigh a heavy breath out,

And rest in the peace.

Everything is going to be okay.


Namaste, Beautiful.