End Your Day With Gratitude

Tonight’s gratitude meditation will give you the opportunity to pause and reflect on all the things you are grateful for right now, so you can end your day with a deep sense of peace.

The intention of tonight’s meditation is to give you the opportunity to pause and reflect on all the things you are grateful for right now, so you can end your day with a deep sense of peace. No matter what life may have thrown at you today, there is always so much to be grateful for. And focusing on it will open the doors for even more good to come your way.

So Let’s Begin…

woman doing a gratitude meditation
Photographer: madison lavern | Source: Unsplash


So close your eyes and settle onto your bed.

And go ahead and stretch your arms and your legs out as far as they can go,

Imagining your spine straightening and aligning, and inviting any physical discomforts to release.

And then release the stretch, bringing your arms and legs back in,

And let yourself settle into your favorite sleeping position.


preparing for gratitude meditation
Photographer: Benjamin Voros | Source: Unsplash

Notice your breath,

Observe its rhythm,

Its consistent and reliable cadence.

Feel the air as it fills your lungs and breathes life into your body.

See if you can imagine all that oxygen traveling throughout your body,

Feeding you,

Warming you,

Loving you.

And let yourself silently whisper, thank you, as you think about how precious each of these breathes are.

What a miracle it is for you to be here right now.

Feel the glow and the warmth of gratitude inside of you.


Now take a deep breath,

And see if you can melt your body just a bit more into your bed.

And let the following words of gratitude lay over you like a soft blanket,

Wrapping you in comfort and covering you as you drift off to sleep.

Thank you for this breath.

Thank you for my body.


Thank you for this place to lay my head,

And for the food that nourished me today.


Thank you for the people in my life whom I love and who love me,

Who are constantly teaching me how I can be a better person.

Thank you for the challenges, for all the ways they encourage me to grow.


Thank you for my work and the services I get to provide.

Thank you for the happenings of the day.

Thank you for all the technology and tools I have access to that bring so much convenience into my life.


Thank you for the times I’ve been brought to my knees; they’ve taught me how strong I am.

Thank you for the help and support around me,

I know that I am loved.


Thank you for the money I have that keeps me fed and safe.

Thank you for the kindness I receive from others.


Thank you for my dreams, the visions and goals that keep me inspired.

Thank you for the opportunities to give love and support to others.

Thank you for the beauty of nature all around me, the plants and animals and elements that remind me that I’m a part of a big, extraordinary world.


Thank you this day, the opportunity to see it to its end and bring it to a close.

Thank you for the deep rest that is ready to embrace me and will rejuvenate me for another magical day ahead.

I am deeply grateful for it all.

Everything that makes up my beautiful, imperfect and miraculous life.



And for the next few minutes, allow yourself to think about anything else you might be grateful for right now,

Easily and calmly allowing them to relax you further.


Feel the blankets of gratitude cover you with love,

With grace,

With presence,

And with a deep connectedness to the incredible person you are.


Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

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