Ease Into Sleep

Tonight’s ease into sleep meditation will help your body relax while your mind is distracted by my voice…so you can easily enter into deep sleep.

Ease Into Sleep

It’s time to let your body rest, beautiful.

And it’s time to calm your mind.

Sleep is calling to you.

And even though your mind is racing with a million thoughts, tasks or worries…

And your body is still tense from the day…

It’s time to listen to her calling you.

She wants to rejuvenate you.  To refresh you.  To relax you.  To fill you with the energy that was depleted from you today so you can be the best version of yourself tomorrow.

So the intention of today’s guided meditation is to help your body relax while your mind is distracted by my voice…so you can easily enter into deep sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed how much more life she had time for.
Photographer: Kinga Cichewicz | Source: Unsplash


So let’s begin by getting comfortable in your favorite sleeping position…closing your eyes and taking one deep breath in…

And let your exhale enter you into the present moment, feeling the weight of your body against the softness of your bed.

If you notice any discomfort in your body, take a moment to shift your position or relieve tension…and feel your body relax deeper as you do.

And simply concentrate on your breath going in and going out in its normal rhythm.


Bring your attention to your head.

Feel it’s weight on your pillow

Soften your forehead

And your eyes

Relax the muscles in your cheeks

And let your jaw drop and your tongue come to rest on the roof of your mouth.

You are Extraordinary. And I’m so proud of you for showing up today.

Now bring your attention to your shoulders, dropping them away from your ears and letting your exhale relieve their tightness.

And now to your chest…

Thank your beating heart for working for you today.

Feel your stomach soften.

Your arms are feeling the weight of sleep, relaxing further into the bedding around you.

And feel the lull of sleep run down your hips, your left leg…your right leg…so that you feel one with your bed.

And any restless energy that may still be inside of you…gather it up and watch it exit through your feet.

You deserve this sleep, beautiful.


Photographer: Rodrigo Pereira | Source: Unsplash

Now imagine a blanket of love, soft, warm, comforting…laying over you…

As you drift into the deepest sleep…

Namaste, beautiful.


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