Dreaming Into the Future Meditation

Today’s dreaming into the future meditation will give you the freedom to dream into the future. To play with all the possibilities. And to dance with the creativity within you.

The power of the present moment is undeniable. Which is why we use meditation as a practice to come into the now.

So we can access everything that is here for us. Our deep connection to our true selves. The joy of appreciation for who we are and all we have around us. The peace as we let go of fears, anxieties and attachments to the past and the future.

And…meditation can also be helpful in giving us the space to dream. To free our minds from the boundaries of the lives we are in now, and expand our visions to what could possibly be.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the freedom to dream into the future. To play with all the possibilities. And to dance amongst the creativity within you.

So Let’s Begin…

future meditation


So go ahead and relax your body as you settle into a comfortable position.

And take in your first deep breath,

Filling your body with fresh air, feeling it expand until it can’t anymore.

And let all the air go.

Take one more deep breath in, feeling your belly expand like a balloon,

And exhale, feeling your belly contract in as you let all that air out.

Bring your breathing to its normal rhythm,

And just notice your body feeling a little bit more calm,

A little bit more relaxed,

A little bit more mellow,

With every breath out.


Now see if you can allow yourself to imagine that you’re sitting comfortably with nature all around you.

What are you sitting on?

What do you see around you?

What sounds do you hear?

How does it feel to be outside?

Allow yourself to paint this picture.

This is you one year from now.

Allow a smile to spread across your peaceful face as you sit in gratitude,

As your future self thinks about all the great things that transpired this past year.

Thinking about who you are now and who you were one year ago.

And for the next five minutes, I want you to allow your mind to paint a picture that will finish this sentence…

I am so happy and grateful that this past year, I…

Give yourself permission to answer it as many times as you like, with as many events, circumstances, objects or people that you can possibly think up.

Let the paintbrush of your mind have fun. There is no right or wrong. There is nothing too big or too small.

Just allowing your future self to answer this question, as if anything you dream up has already happened.

So let’s begin…

I am so happy and grateful that this past year, I…


future meditation
Photographer: Drew Beamer | Source: Unsplash

Now bring your attention back to your breath,

Back to the movement of your body as you breathe in,

And breathe out.

You can be, do and have everything you could possibly imagine.

And this practice of dreaming into the future gives you a safe and creative space to open up what’s possible for you.

Because you are worthy of it all.

Namaste, Beautiful

Katie Krimitsos