Deep Healing Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s healing sleep meditation will provide a safe space for you to rest while your body, mind and soul heal. 

Come with me tonight as you invite healing into your body, mind and soul. 

As you release yourself and relax into the pools of deep healing sleep.

So Let’s Begin…


So go ahead and let your body settle into your favorite sleeping position,

On your back, stomach or side.

Let yourself move around a little bit, nestling yourself even deeper into your position.

And when you’ve found that sweet spot that you know so well, take a deep breath in,

And as you exhale, release your body further and feel it melt into your bed.


Listen to your breathing.

Hear the soft hums of the air going in and out of your nose.

Feel your chest and belly expanding and contracting.

And feel your body getting heavier with every breath out.



Maybe there are parts of you that are hurting tonight, my love.

Maybe your external or internal body is feeling weak or in pain.

Perhaps your mind is holding things that are heavy.

Maybe a part of your soul feels unsettled.

It’s all okay, beautiful.

We can all feel a little broken sometimes.

These moments cannot dim your light.

In fact, they make your light even brighter.

And your light is what is here to heal you.


So let yourself settle deeper into your bed and as you do, imagine that your body is easing into a warm pool of water.

See yourself comfortably floating in this quiet, still pool,

Feeling the gentle tickle of the water on the sides of your face and the crown of your head.

Let your arms relax into the water, letting them naturally spread and release.

Let your chest, back and stomach surrender to the buoyancy of the water.

And let your legs open and your feet fall to the sides as you surrender yourself to the water.


You can feel the warm water soothe you. Relax you.

And as it does, you begin to feel a soft hum coming from the water,

And see it glowing with a soft blue light.

Feel the blue light embrace you through the water,

And invite it to take away the pain, the worries and the brokenness.


See yourself lying in this pool glowing with soft blue light,

Releasing the heaviness,

And letting yourself be healed as you breathe.


Feel the warmth on your head as the healing blue light touches it,

And then on your eyes,

Your cheeks,

Your mouth,

And your neck.

Let it heal you.


Feel the healing blue light touch your shoulders,

Your chest,

Your arms and hands,

Your stomach,

And your hips.

Breathe in this soft blue light and feel the warmth heal you,

Feel it in your legs,

Your feet,

And your toes.

And then imagine yourself covered completely in this soft, healing blue light.

Let it’s warm glow release all the pain,

The emotions,

The brokenness.

Leave it here,

With the glowing blue light of the water.

It’s here to heal you.


Let it all go, beautiful,

And let the soft blue light of the water around you heal you.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman