Courage While You Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you find courage while you sleep.

Lay in the meadows of courage inside of you tonight as you ease into deep sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Go ahead and relax into your bed,

And take a deep breath in, filling your belly with cleansing air,

And exhaling it all out as you release the day.

Bring your breathing to a nice, easy rhythm,

And follow its movements,

In and out of your nose.

Going just a bit deeper into your body with every inhale,

And relaxing you just a bit more with every exhale.



And feel your body drop deeper and deeper into calmness,

As you relax your face,

Drop your shoulders,

Loosen your arms and legs,

And soften your belly.

relax your arms.


There’s something special on your heart right now.

Something you want to do,

A new way you want to be,

But the fear that creeps in can be paralyzing.

And it may even make you feel frozen right now.


Feel the calming warmth around you,

Melting your fears away.

Breathe in and welcome in the courage,

Breathe out and breathe out the fear.


Photographer: Jeremy Bishop | Source: Unsplash

The fear is always going to live around us in some way.

So all we can do is recognize it, and choose to take courageous action in the face of it.

So let your sleepy mind think about something that you really want in your life.

Some thing or situation or habit that you want to attract.

Hold that vision of what it is you want.

And notice that fear swirls around.

Just recognize it. Without feeling any heaviness.

Without making it mean anything.


And as you hold that vision of what it is you want, we’re going to take five deep breaths in.

And for each inhale, envision breathing in courage.

Maybe even giving your courage a color,

Whatever color comes to your mind,

Whatever color feels strong and resilient and powerful for you.

Imagine yourself breathing in that color more and more with every deep breath in.


Let’s begin these breaths now.

Breathe in…

And breathe out, all the way.

Deep breath in, breathing in the color of your courage, watching it fill your body.

And breathe out.

Another deep breath in, more and more of your color filling your body and your life with courage.

And breathe it out.

Breathe in, all the way in.

And breathe it out.

Last deep breath in, filling your entire being with the color of your courage, feeling it emanate from you and surrounding you.

And breathe it all out.

Returning your breath to its normal rhythm.


Now take another look at that vision of what it is you want.

And watch as all the fear has dissolved from around it, and instead, that vision is illuminated by your color of courage.

Your life is yours to live, my dear.

And you have everything you need;

The resources, the love, the courage and the trust to make it happen.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful