Choose Healthy Habits Meditation

Today’s choose healthy habits meditation will help you get your mind and body into a place of readiness to let go of the pull of destructive habits and invite in the courage to choose more empowering ones.

We all find different ways to cope. To cope with stress, anxiety, fear, even excitement.

And perhaps there is a way you’re coping right now that is proving to be destructive in small or big ways.

Or perhaps you’re simply noticing that there are habits you’d like to cultivate that can bring more health, peace and joy to your life.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you get your mind and body into a place of readiness to let go of the pull of destructive habits and invite in the courage to choose more empowering ones.

So Let’s Begin…

woman doing healthy habits meditation


Let’s begin by settling your body into a position that’s relaxed and alert.

And as you do, invite your attention to come onto your breath,

Pulling your mind out of the thoughts running around,

And into the natural, easy rhythm of your breathing.


Focus even further on your breathing,

By counting for every breath in, until you get to five.







Feel the warmth in your body as you’re present to the oxygen it’s taking in.

And let the warmth relax your body even further as you sink into your position.

healthy habits meditation
Photographer: Iwona Łach | Source: Unsplash

Now see if you can imagine yourself sitting at a table.

Your body feels comfortable, and your mind is at ease.

As you look at the table in front of you, you notice two big bowls.

The one on your right is filled with a luscious array of fruits,

Apples, bananas, mangoes, cherries and any other fruit you can imagine.

Observe this bowl.

See the vibrant colors,

The perfectly ripe readiness of the fruit.

Imagine yourself taking a bite out of your favorite and feel its juices enliven you,

Nourish you,

Refresh you.

Take a moment to notice how your body feels, how your mind feels, how your spirit feels.


These are your healthy habits.

All those little things you do to take care of yourself from the inside out.

This is what it feels like to eat well,

Drink plenty of water,

Move your body,

Give yourself quiet time,

Cultivate positive thoughts,

Speak kindly to yourself and others,

And more.

Let yourself fully feel how good it feels to be here, in the nourishment of these empowering habits.


Now go ahead and observe the table again. This time, let your gaze fall upon the bowl on the left.

This bowl is also filled with fruit.

And right away, your hand reaches out to take it.

But as you look closer, you notice the fruit is overripe, brown and covered in mold.

You bring your hand back and without needing to taste them,

You know the fruit is not suitable for your body, your mind or your spirit.

Let yourself sit in that knowing, that crystal clear understanding that what you see before you is not empowering or nourishing.

That it is destructive.


Now observe yourself sitting at the table again,

Still with both bowls of fruit in front of you.

Take a deep breath in and as you do, feel yourself deeply connecting to the center of you,

The part of you who knows who you are.

Your true self.

This is the woman who knows what choice is right for her today.

The woman who is confident as she reaches for her bowl,

Knowing it will enhance her.

This is the woman who loves herself so much, she knows that even if she chooses the wrong bowl today,

That she is still a good person,

And that she can always come here again and choose differently.

This is the woman who has learned to pause, take a breath, and make her choices according to what she hears her soul calling for.

This woman is YOU.


So take a deep breath in, inviting in freshness, newness and love.

And as you breathe out, feel yourself relaxing deeper into yourself.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes as you ease out of your meditation and into the day.

Bring your hands together in front of your heart,

And as you bow your head, let us end our time with an intention,

May I choose habits that are empowering for me today, so that I may live vibrantly, authentically and lovingly.

Namaste, Beautiful

Katie Krimitsos