20 Journal Prompts to Clear Your Mind Before Bedtime

Bedtime journal prompts

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning when your head hits the pillow, unable to sleep because of the thoughts that are running through your head? I must email…I need to call…I haven’t replied to that message from this morning… I hear you, ladies! Solution? Bedtime journaling! Such a great way to clear your […]

10 Brilliant Ways To Practice Self-Care Put Yourself First

Practice Self Care

How many of us are taking the time we need to take care of ourselves? Did you know practicing self-care is one of the top tools for peak performance and high happiness levels at work? The world can be stressful, especially when you struggle with mental health issues. Self-care is any activity that helps you […]

14 Mindful Christmas Gifts for Peace and Calm

Christmas is well and truly upon us and it’s that time of the year we are inundated with Christmas adverts, dos and fairs. I am here to help you find mindful Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You heard me right, I did say mindful Christmas gifts. Mindful gift-giving is not about how much we […]

20 Beauty Affirmations to Boost Your Inner and Outer Beauty

Can words actually help you to feel or look more beautiful? How do you define beauty affirmations? Affirmations for beauty don’t have to be so complicated. We all know it’s essential to be beautiful on the inside, but sometimes we tend to forget about our bodies and what we put into them. Believe it or […]

How to Create a Mindful Evening Routine

Has running around in the morning, getting easily distracted, or feeling like you never make progress on important goals have gotten to you? Are you a snooze button fanatic? Let’s change that energy with a mindful evening routine! Listen, I hear you. There are times in your life where you feel like your routines are […]

49 Highly Effective Ways to Boost and Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health struggles are never a joke. Today, a lot of challenging things are happening in the world. This situation is one crazy hell-of-a-ride and can easily take a toll on your health, physically and mentally. World Health Organization research reported that out of every four people in a room, one of them has experienced […]

Top 11 Meditations for Bedtime

We’ve all experienced trouble falling and staying asleep at some point in our lives. Your head hits the pillow and suddenly the mind goes into thoughts of whatever happened throughout the day, what’s happening around the world and what you have to do tomorrow. The more time passes the more stressful you become because you’ve […]

30 Days of Self Care Ideas

What is self-care? Is it really important? Or is it commercialized? Self care is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It means doing things that are nourishing for your mind, body and soul every single day by engaging in activities that help you stay healthy, happy and resilient. It’s a great reminder for […]

10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Calm After Work

Do you struggle to shut off work at the end of the day and carry that energy throughout the rest of the day? Not to worry – many do. It can be challenging to create a clear separation, especially mentally. That’s why it’s incredibly important to find your own way of releasing stress at the […]

21 Journal Prompts to Brain Dump and Feel Less Stressed

Are you feeling stressed out lately? Feeling the need to break free from anxiety and frustration, but felt like there’s no way to release it? Good news – these journal prompts can help you to brain dump and feel less stressed. One of the things you want to avoid when stressed is getting stuck in […]

Daily Morning Affirmations Routine That Will Transform Your Life

Morning affirmations are undoubtedly a positive start to the day, setting your mind in the right positive direction. When you create a routine around your morning affirmations, you’ll start to see your life transform as you align in the energy you desire. The human mind is one of the most powerful tools we have. We […]