Calm Your Body Into Deep Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you calm your body so you can rest into deep sleep.

Bring your body here tonight, dear one,

So it can relax,

So it can restore,

And so you can rest deeply in the loving arms of sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


So come inside,

And find your breath.

Using it as your guide into yourself,

And away from all the thoughts and emotions left over from the day.


Listen to the soft sounds of your inhale and your exhale.

Feel the rising and falling of your belly and chest.

Surrender to the slowing rhythms of your body,

Letting it pull you deeper into this moment,

Grateful for this breath,

Grateful for this body,

Grateful for this life.



And feel it all slow down,

As you come deeper into your body,

Sinking yourself further into the sea of blankets around you.


Now see if you can imagine the soft, warm touch of the night lay itself on the crown of your head.

Like a comforting, glowing hand resting itself upon you.

Feel the warmth enter your head,

And calm you.

Any thoughts that are floating around in your head quickly dissolve as the hand of the night calms you down.


Now, feel the soothing glow of the night spread into your face,

Relaxing your eyes,

Your cheeks,

Your jaw,

And your lips.

Breathe out,

And release,

As the night calms you down.


Invite the soft, glowing hand of the night to rest on your neck and your shoulders,

Feeling the warmth spread itself deep into the muscles and joints.

Relieving all the stress and anxiety you might be holding there.


And release it all.


Welcome the tender hands of the night as they caress your arms,

Your chest,

And your belly,

Softening everything it touches,

Calling you to fall deeper into her arms,

Deeper into the night.


You are safe here,

Cherished and nurtured by the stillness of the night.

She’s here to guide you as you sleep tonight,

Calming you,

Restoring you,

Loving you.


So feel the calming, glowing hands of the night softly touch your upper back,

And travel slowly down your spine.

One vertebrae at a time,

Releasing the pressure,

Relaxing the muscles,

And melting you further into your bed.



And feel the soothing hands of the night rest upon your hips,

Your thighs,

Your legs,

And your feet.

Let yourself feel the glow of the night’s energy as it comes down,


Down your body,

Letting all those pieces of the day release from you with every breath out.


Rest deeper into your bed,

Feeling the warmth of your entire body glowing with the calming energy of the night.

Feeling safe.

Feeling relaxed.

Feeling ready for deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.