Calm Wise Owl Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will allow you to rest in the stillness as the calm, wise owl looks over you tonight.

You perch so calmly in the trees, Wise Owl,

completely silent and serene.

You look down upon your world with a confident wisdom,

and see the complex simplicity of the universe with your amber eyes.

Look over me as I enter the night, Wise Owl,

and infuse me with your grace.

For tonight, I crave deep sleep for restoration,

And long to be reconnected to the oneness that is you, me, and all things.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Be here with me, Wise Owl,

As I lay my head down softly,

And close my eyes.

I feel safe here with you,

Deeply relaxed,

And protected.


My attention turns onto my breathing,

And I can finally hear its songs.

The noise of my busy mind has drowned it out for most of the day.

And now as I listen,

As I really tune in,

I can hear the intricacies of my beautiful breath.


I can hear the soft whistles of air as they move in and out of my nose.

I can feel the air cool on my nose as I breathe in,

And warm on my nose as I breathe out.

I can invite the air outside of me to come inside of my body,

And fill up every single part.

And I can feel myself calmly settling into the slowing rhythm that my breathe is creating,

In and out,

Up and down,

Expanding and contracting.

Slowing it all down,

With every single breath.


Watch over me, Wise Owl,

And remind me that it’s all okay.

That my mess can be my message,

And that I have a special place in this world…just like you.


I am part of an infinite tapestry of art,

That touches galaxies and the fabric beneath me now.

You know this, Wise. Owl,

So deeply,

So wholly.

So cover me in the blankets of your wisdom tonight,

As my body melts into this bed.


Let sleep come as I feel your calm soul,

And am soothed by your presence.

I let myself breathe deeply.

And exhale completely,

So I can dissolve the thoughts,

The plans,

The tasks,

The anxieties.

And strip all of it down so I can lay here light and free,

Ready to sleep deeply.


Photographer: Agto Nugroho | Source: Unsplash

You remind me that stillness is vital.

That silence is powerful.

And that harnessing my own stillness inside,

Finding refuge there,

Finding strength there,

Finding myself there,

Is the essence of life.


I often fight coming inside,

Turn my attention away from the stillness calling for me,

Thinking I don’t need it,

The deep life I always find within my stillness.

Believing that the habit of going there doesn’t really make a difference.

But I know better.

Days, weeks and even months sometimes pass,

And I can feel my soul become entangled in the ego,

The stress,

The noise of the outside world that soon begins to overpower the voice of my soul.

The voice that I find in the stillness.


So I return here to you, Wise Owl.

Often broken and bruised and desperate for reprieve,

Promising myself again that I will never lose sight of the importance of coming inside.

And you’re always here, wise Owl,



And silently reminding me that it’s all okay.

That all the answers and relief I seek are inside of me.

That all I need to do,

Is surrender to the stillness.


So relax with me,

And release yourself from the noise,

And come inside,

To the stillness,

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.