Calm the Chaos Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you calm the chaos in your mind, body and spirit so you can rest completely. 

Take a deep breath, beautiful,

And call your attention inside. 

And let yourself observe what’s here.


Like a swarm of bees,

The chaos is loud and feels tumultuous.

Little pieces of energy darting in every direction.

The thoughts,

The emotions,

The splitting of your energy trying to dance with it all.


But step back a bit, dear one,

And know that you are not the chaos.

You can step away from the swarm,

And allow it to continue its movements without you.

You can choose to stop dancing erratically,

And instead,

Surrender to the calm.

So Let’s Begin…


The calm will first saturate your body,

Then your mind,

And finally, your soul,

So you’re drenched in its blue waters.

And because you allow it to do so,

It will then emit its calming waves out from you,

Calming the chaos from which you came.


The bees will depart,

The space will clear,

The noise will dissolve.

And then,

All that exists is the calm within you,

And the calm around you,

Wrapping you up in its blankets and carrying you off into the night.


So let yourself inhale a bit deeper,

And exhale a little longer,

Feeling your body slow down,

Feeling your mind slow down,

And letting your soul relax.


Feel the blankets of calm covering you,

As you release the tension from your face,

Lower your shoulders,

Open your chest,

Soften your belly.


Feel the calm cascading down your spine,

From your neck,

All the way down your back,

Melting you deeper into your bed.


Feel your hips release,

Your thighs relax,

Your right leg grow heavy,

And your left leg melt.


Let your toes release any energy left in your body,

As your feet soften.


Sleep now,

As your body is wrapped in the blankets of calm.

As your mind swims in the sea of silence,

And your soul is one with deep peace.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.

Katie Krimitsos