Calm During Quarantine Meditation

The intention of today’s quarantine meditation is to give you easy access to the calm inside of you during quarantine.

woman at her window doing a quarantine meditation
at Photographer: Roy Muz | Source: Unsplash

The intention of today’s meditation is to give you easy access to the calm inside of you during quarantine.

So you can tap into that calm during all the ups and downs the day might bring.

So you can show up as your best today.

And do so much more than survive…but to truly thrive in this present moment.

So Let’s Begin…

Calm During Quarantine Meditation

Calm During Quarantine Meditation Script

Let your eyes close and let your body find a comfortable position, where you can feel relaxed and alert.

As your eyes close, imagine that the movement that’s swirling around you slows down.

This could be the movement of your emotions, rapidly racing to get your attention.

Or perhaps it's the movement of tasks you feel the pressure to complete.

Or maybe it’s the movement as your mind tries to make sense out of the uncertainty around you right now.

Whatever that movement is, just imagine it slowing down around you as your eyes close and you come into your breath.


Let your breathing slow down as your inhale goes a little deeper,

And your exhale releases a little longer.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Now take a deep breath in, letting the air fill your lungs and expand your belly,

And exhale it all out,

Letting your body fall further into relaxation,

Letting yourself settle deeper into calm.


calm during quarantine meditation
Photographer: Jacob Townsend | Source: Unsplash

I want you to imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a refreshing pool of water.

You feel safe here.

It’s quiet around you, except for the soft humming of the breeze and the birds in the distance.

Take a moment to notice how the water feels against your skin,

What temperature it is,

What it sounds like as you move your hands slowly across the surface,

What aromas you experience around you.

And as you let yourself be still,

Notice the movement of the water.

When you move, it moves.

When you become still, it becomes still.

Let yourself play here for a little bit,

Allowing your body to move slowly in your safe pool of water, and noticing the way the water moves in response.


Now slow down your movement and imagine yourself becoming still.

And watch as the water becomes still,

And becomes a smooth glass mirror.

And take a deep breath in.

This is your place of calm.

You’re safe. You’re nourished.

And when you’re still,

What is true is revealed to you in the reflection of the calm water.

What do you see there? What do you see in the water around you?


woman doing quarantine meditation
Photographer: Jernej Graj | Source: Unsplash

No matter what is swirling around outside of you, you can handle it all with grace from here.

From your place of calm.

From the love and beauty you see reflected back to you in the still water.

From the pool of calm you can come to anytime you need it.

Namaste, Beautiful