Calm Down After Work Guided Meditation

Today’s guided meditation will help you calm down after work.

It’s time to bring your work day to a close, my love,

And let it all go.

So you can be alive and present to all the gifts waiting here for you.

So Let’s Begin…

guided meditation


So let’s begin with a deep, cleansing breath in,

Imagining the air filling up every part of your body,

And then breathe all the air out, letting go of the day.

One more deep breath in,

Expanding your chest and belly as far as they can go,

And then breathe out,

Releasing and relaxing.

Now bring your breathing to a nice, easy rhythm,

As you relax your body deeper.


Release it all every time you breathe out.

All the tasks left to do,

All the ups and downs from the day,

And all the thoughts about tomorrow.

None of it is here,

In this moment with you.

So breathe it out,

And invite yourself to be right here,

Right now.


Now see if you can imagine a small, open box in front of you.

Place your hands on either side of it,

Preparing yourself to close it.

But before you do,

Take a moment to find anything left over from work that is still swirling around inside of you.


See if you can find all those things left on your to-do list,

And place them inside the box.

All those exciting ideas and projects,

Place them inside the box.

Any worries or discomforts,

Place them inside the box.

Take a few moments to find anymore thoughts or emotions that might still be lingering from work,

And watch as you place them in your box.


Now, as the last item is placed in the box,

Invite yourself to close it,

And seal it tight.

Gently move your box to a special place where you know you will find it tomorrow,

And then come back here,

To this moment,

Away from your box of work,

And settled deeply into the calm of this present moment.

And breathe…


Leave it all there, my love,

It will be there for you tomorrow.

For now, be right here,

Right now,

So you can be fully alive,

With yourself,

With your loved ones,

And with the world.

Namaste, Beautiful