Breathe In the Good, Breathe Out the Bad

Tonight’s breathe in the good meditation will give you a relaxing way to honor all the amazing blessings in your life right now, and breathe out all the challenges, so you can ease into deep sleep.

There is so much good in your life right now.

And yet it’s easy to let the stressful moments, the discontent, or the things you’re wanting to change overshadow all the good.

So tonight’s meditation will give you a relaxing way to identify and honor all the amazing blessings you have in your life right now.

And allow all those things you may be unhappy with to dissolve into the background, allowing you to ease into sleep feeling light and grateful.

So Let’s Begin…

breathe in the good
Photographer: Rosie Kerr | Source: Unsplash


So let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position.

Close your eyes

And bring your attention inward.

Aware of your body

Feeling the rise and fall of your chest and belly as you breathe.

Maybe identifying any parts of your body that might be holding pain or feeling tight.

Go ahead and make any adjustments your body may need

And sink deeper into the relaxation of your position.


breathe in the good
Photographer: Adrian Infernus | Source: Unsplash

Listen to your breath as it enters and then leaves through your nose.

And embrace the rhythm of your breathing.


I want you to imagine one thing that is good in your life right now.

One thing you are grateful for.

Maybe it’s someone in your life who made you smile recently.

Or the house that provides safety and space for you to sleep.

Or even the cup of coffee or tea that you enjoyed recently.

See this image on an imaginary movie screen in front of you

And feel the emotion that this image brings…

Happiness, joy, appreciation, relaxation.

And see yourself breathing in all that goodness…

Breathe in that image and the emotion.

See if come off the movie screen and enter into your body with your in breathe,

Filling you with a feeling of coolness, of happiness…of gratitude.


Notice that your body feels a little lighter.

You may even find yourself smiling slightly.

And just breathe.


Now bring your attention back to your body.

There is heaviness living in it.

Thoughts or memories or worries that have embedded themselves here.

Identify a few of them now.

Maybe you’re angry at someone.

Perhaps you’re experiencing anxiety about something.

Or maybe you’re feeling bitter, or rushed, or overwhelmed or lonely or maybe you simply find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason.

Whatever that heaviness is, see it as a grey cloud inside of you, moving through your body like impending rain clouds.

And on your next exhale, imagine you releasing those rain clouds from inside of you.

One exhale at a time, little by little…

Watch the grey clouds disappear.


Now bring to mind one more thing you are grateful for right now.

Something small or something big.

See it on that movie screen in front of you.

And now take a deep breath in, inviting that image to enter your body and fill you up with goodness.

And breathe out, deeper into relaxation…deeper into the good.


Notice how light you feel.

How appreciative.

How good.

After we finish, the music will continue on for a few more minutes,

So you can continue to identify the good all around you, breathe it in, and fill yourself up as much as you need.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.