Body Love Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation is meant to help you fall asleep as you soak with gratitude and love for your body.

Every inch of you,

Is perfect.

Every part of you,

Is beautiful.

Every piece of you,

A gift.

Every cell,

A miracle.

So Let’s Begin…


Close your eyes and bring your attention inside.

Feel the rise and fall of your chest,

As you fall into a natural rhythm of breathing.


And out.


Feel your legs get heavier as you relax deeper into your bed.

Notice the weight of your eyelids,

And feel them get heavier.

Feel your cheeks relax,

Drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth,

And lower your jaw.


Take a deep breath in,

Filling your body with fresh air.

And on your exhale,

Sink yourself deeper into relaxation,

Deeper into comfort.


Now bring your attention to your feet.

Feel the warm tingling sensation that occurs as your energy goes there.

Feel your toes,

Your heels,

Your ankles.

And send love to them,

Thanking them for moving you around and holding you up.


Now bring your attention to your legs,

Feeling the tingling energy flowing up your body.

Notice the warmth in your calves,

Your knees,

Your quads,

And your thighs.

Send love to your legs,

Thanking them for the movement they give you,

The freedom they provide,

The strength they have.


Now feel the warm, tingling energy travel up to your hips,

Your glutes,

And through all of your sacred sexual organs.

Send them your love,

For the life they give,

And the cycles they honor.


Now bring your attention to your stomach,

And your chest.

Feel the gentle tingle of energy spread here,

As you whisper love and gratitude with every exhale.


Feel the soft energy expand down each of your arms.

Feel your shoulders,

Your elbows,

And your fingers tingle with warm energy.

Send them all your appreciation,

For all the ability to give and receive,

And the countless embraces.


Now feel the warmth flow into your neck,

Your jaw,

Your eyes,

Your ears,

Your forehead,

And the crown of your head.

Flood yourself with love and gratitude as you see all the kisses, the beautiful words, the sounds, and ideas.


Take a deep breath in,

And see the warm energy surrounding your entire body.

Exhale fully,

And fall deeper into rest,

Covered in love.


Your body is beautiful.

Exactly as it is right now.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman