Birthday Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation is an opportunity to celebrate your life on the day you were born – or on any other day you want to reflect on the incredible life you’ve lived so far. 

Tonight’s birthday sleep meditation is one you can listen to on your special day, or any other day throughout the year when you want to reflect on your life and honor the phenomenal woman you are. 

Happy birthday, beautiful.

So Let’s Begin…


Invite yourself to settle in,

And find comfort in your bed.


Allow yourself to move around a little bit,

Releasing any tension or tightness as you do.

Perhaps even stretching your arms and your legs out as much as you can for a moment,

And then exhale and release,

Snuggling comfortably into your favorite sleeping position.


You are so special.

A being of love who began her journey on Earth many years ago.

A soul that exists to find her gifts,

Share her gifts,

Express herself,

And feel deep joy.


You have no doubt felt pain too,

And disappointment,

Anger and loss.

They have touched you,

Shaped you,

Strengthened you.


You’ve had seasons of doubt,

And times when you’ve felt far away from your center.

You’ve stumbled and cried,

And then found your way home.


You’ve had moments of bliss,

That have expanded your heart.

Keep praying for more,

And allow them in.

There’s an abundance of them for you.


I’m so proud of the woman you are,

And the light that shines within you,

Let love keep guiding your way.

You’re exactly where you need to be right now,

Invite in more laughter,

More play.


This magical life,

Is yours to design,

Each moment is a new one to live.

You take the lessons you’ve learned,

The hearts you’ve touched,

And the dreams that are yours to create.


So rest deeply tonight,

And know you are loved,

That you are divinely whole.

Let sleep rejuvenate you now,

Restore your body,

Replenish your soul.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.

Katie Krimitsos