Before You Go to Sleep Meditation

This sleep meditation will help you to bring closure to your day and easily fall asleep.

Before You Go to Sleep Meditation

Before you fall asleep tonight,

Come with me for a little meditation.

A few moments of deep and relaxed awareness that will allow you to bring closure to your day and embrace sleep with open arms.

So Let’s Begin…

woman listening to a sleep meditation


So go ahead and snuggle yourself into your favorite sleeping position.

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to become a little more aware of your body.

Adjusting yourself if it allows you to get just a little more comfortable

Notice the rhythm of your breathing,

And go ahead and take a deep breath in, feeling your entire body expand with your inbreath,

And as you exhale, feel yourself melt further into your bed.


As you end your day, think about one thing you’re grateful for. Just one person or moment or circumstance or thing for which you feel intense gratitude right now. See it in your mind and as you do, imagine your body filling with the lightness of gratitude.

Breathe in the gratitude.


And for the next little bit, go ahead and picture anything else you may be grateful for right now, allowing each breath in to fill you with even more light.


woman ending her day with a sleep meditation
Photographer: Gregory Pappas | Source: Unsplash

Now take a moment to identify anything within you that feels incomplete.

Any worries you may have, any tasks still wanting your attention, any uncomfortable emotions or thoughts.

And just notice them within you.

And watch as those bubbles of thoughts slowly extract themselves from you, placing themselves in an imaginary basket next to your bed. Let them be here – the worry, the tasks, the emotions. They’ll be here for you in the morning if you want them.

For now, it’s time to sleep.



Sleep is ready to embrace you, my love. And you her.

Let your body melt further into your bed,

Let your mind focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath.

May you surrender to the rest that awaits you.

Let it rejuvenate you.

Let it heal you.

And let it refresh you.

Namaste, Beautiful