Be Kind to Yourself Tonight Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you be kind to yourself as you fall asleep tonight.

Be Kind to Yourself Tonight Sleep Meditation

Relax into your bed, beautiful.

You deserve its tenderness.

Because no matter what happened today,

Or how you feel,

It’s time to be kind to yourself,

And wrap yourself in the blankets of deep self-love.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


The raindrops of self-judgement can come down hard,

Beginning with tiny little drops,

That barely breeze your face.

Almost like whispers grazing your ears,

Full of shoulds and supposed to’s.

But soon the rain begins pouring down,

And the drops fall down hard,

Drenching you from head to toe with feelings of less than.


But tonight, it’s time to stop the rain and dry your soul,

Refusing to let one more drop of self-judgement or harshness come upon you,

And instead, infuse yourself with deep, unconditional kindness.


So let yourself go right now, my love,

Falling deeper into your bed as you slowly release all the tension from your body.

Feeling any stress or tension leave your eyes,

Your cheeks,

Your shoulders,

Your chest,

Your stomach,

Your arms and your legs.

Relax and release,

Relax and release.


Notice the soothing rhythms of your breathing

As they call you further into comfort.

Slowing you down,



And bringing you here.

Away from those thoughts,

Away from all those stories of what should be,

Away from any emotions that may be weighing you down.


Photographer: Drew Coffman | Source: Unsplash


And be here,

Feeling your body relaxed,

Feeling your mind relaxed,

Feeling your entire spirit relaxed.


Imagine those blankets of kindness gently covering you.

They’re simultaneously cool and refreshing,

And warm and comforting,

As they cover you tonight.

You are so special,

The night whispers to you.

And you are pure love.


Feel your blankets of kindness get just a bit heavier,

Wrapping all of you in their embrace.

You don’t have to do anything to be loved,

You don’t have to be anyone other than who you are right now.

So let yourself receive the gentle touch of kindness tonight,

As you ease into deep sleep.


Let go of the expectations.

Let go of the tasks.

Let go of the shoulds.

Let go of the judgements.

Let go of the regrets,

Let go of it all…

And let your raw soul be embraced by all the kindness surrounding you.


You are love.

You are beautiful.

You are extraordinary.

You are light.

You are powerful.

You are special.


Breathe in deeply,

And let the blankets of kindness cover you tonight,

And remind you of who you are.

Without the opinions of the outside world,

But with the confident, gentle voice of your soul.


Now be here under your blankets, my love,

Resting deeply,

And feeling the warmth of a gentle arm hugging you.

Feel her softly squeezing you,

Whispering silently that you are whole.

Just as you are now.


Let yourself melt into her embrace,

And guide you into the safe, soothing stillness of deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.