Back to School Series – Self-Care Meditation

This special back to school meditation series will give you a space to release all the anxieties you may be feeling in this back to school season, and shower yourself with grace and love.

Back To School Series – Self Care Meditation

This is a special back to school mini series, created especially for all of you mamas who are holding the heaviness of your kids going back to school during this very unusual year. Whether your kids are learning at home or they’re back in school with strange, new norms, it is all a LOT to handle. And you are definitely not alone.

So my intention with each of these meditations is that they give you a space to release all the anxieties, and shower yourself with grace and love.

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You got this, mama. One moment at a time.


The intention of today’s meditation is to give you a space to practice and commit to loving yourself in the smallest and biggest ways.

To help you create boundaries, say the no’s, scream the yeses and do all the things that make your soul feel deeply nourished and loved.

So Let’s Begin…

woman giving herself a self-care meditation
Photographer: Hean Prinsloo | Source: Unsplash


Let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position.

You can be sitting, lying down or even moving in a safe and relaxing way.

If you can, close your eyes and take a deep breath in.

And on your exhale, allow yourself to sink deeper into your position.

Bring your breathing to its normal rhythm,

And simply be here with your breath for a bit.

Feeling your body expand with your breath in.

And contract with your breath out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


You are worthy of receiving love from yourself.

You are worthy of being your priority.

You are worthy of receiving the love and appreciation and care you so easily give to others.

Breathe that in, allowing yourself to be open to receiving your love.


So imagine with me that you’re sitting in the middle of a large, open room of a house.

The sunshine illuminates the room and warms your skin.

And a soft, soothing aroma makes you feel calm and safe.

It’s quiet and the only noises you hear are the songs of nature coming in from your open windows.

Even though the large, open room may not resemble your current residence,

You know this is your home.

Where your heart and your body and your soul feel grounded and vibrant.

You are safe here.

And here…you can listen.

Listen to what your inner voice is telling you.


What do you need right now?

What would make your body feel good?

Your mind feel good?

Your soul feel good?

Just take a moment to sit with your breath, and with the answers that come up for you.


See these answers in your mind.

And watch yourself as you stand up and move towards the door.

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to shine.

Open the door and see those things you called to mind waiting there,

Ready for you to call them in.

Take in a deep breath of gratitude,

And one by one, invite in each of those things you identified.

Each of those things you know will make you feel good.


There is no judgment on what you invited in.

Maybe you invited in new boundaries you need to put in place to protect your energy.

Maybe you invited in the permission to say no.

Maybe you invited in the permission to say yes.

Maybe you invited in something that seems lavish.

It’s all okay.

And you’re worthy of it all.


So take a deep breath in and see yourself in the middle of this room again,

Surrounded by all the things you have thought about to show yourself love,

To care for the phenomenal woman that you are.

See yourself look into a mirror on the wall as you place your hands together in front of your heart.

See your reflection as you bow your head to your hands and let yourself say aloud,

Namaste, Beautiful.

Let the light inside of you recognize the light inside of you.

Namaste, Beautiful.