Back to School Series – No More Mom Guilt

This special back to school meditation series will give you a space to release all the anxieties you may be feeling in this back to school season, and shower yourself with grace and love.

Back to School Series – No More Mom Guilt Meditation

This is a special back to school mini series, created especially for all of you mamas who are holding the heaviness of your kids going back to school during this very unusual year. Whether your kids are learning at home or they’re back in school with strange, new norms, it is all a LOT to handle. And you are definitely not alone.

So my intention with each of these meditations is that they give you a space to release all the anxieties, and shower yourself with grace and love.

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You got this, mama. One moment at a time.


The intention of today’s meditation is to help you ease and even completely let go of mom guilt. That nasty little voice inside your head that you’re not doing enough, not being enough, or showering you with shoulds.

This meditation can be practiced over and over again to help you quiet the voice of mom guilt and instead ampliphy your own inner voice. The one reminding you that you’re an incredible mom and doing the best you can.

So Let’s Begin…

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Photographer: Sai De Silva | Source: Unsplash


Let yourself get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down.

And close your eyes.

Pull your attention away from all the external things…the task list, your schedule, any emotions or contemplations you may be having,

And instead, bring your attention inside.

Noticing your body in this position.

Letting yourself adjust to get out any kinks or discomforts,

And then letting yourself sink deeper into your position.

Notice your breath,

Its beautiful cadence rhythmically syncing your body,

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Come into your body,

Come into your breath.

And just be here for a bit.


I want you to think about a recent moment when you experienced mom guilt.

It could be something mild, like the guilt you felt when you worked a long day and didn’t get to see your child until late.

Or it could be something more intense, like when your child came back from time with their other parent and you felt the pangs of guilt for being separated or divorced.

Whatever it is, I want you to think about that moment when the wave of mom guilt hit you.

Hold it in your mind.

See the scene.


Now imagine that the pain you felt, all that emotion you felt in this moment, has collected in your heart. It’s a dark purple sphere. Heavy. Residing in your heart.

See it inside of you. Feel its weight.

Let all your emotions settle here.

The sadness. Regret. Guilt. Anger. Shame.

Let it all gather up inside of this purple weight in your heart.

Now once again, see this scene inside your head.

And listen for any voices you might hear.

They may be saying,

I should have done this differently.

I’m such a horrible mom.

I’m a failure.

I’m not good enough.

Just recognize any of these voices and place them one by one inside this dark purple sphere in your heart.

If any emotions or reactions come up as you hear these voices, that’s okay…just place all of it inside the sphere.


When all the mom guilt and everything that comes along with it has been placed in the dark purple sphere,

Imagine yourself placing your hands around it, gently taking it from your heart and holding it in front of you.

As you release your heart of this heaviness, you allow your inner voice the space to speak to you.

You are a phenomenal mother, you hear her say.

And there is something to be learned from this experience.

So close your eyes and take a deep breath in, imagining yourself inhaling the lessons from the scene you’ve been imagining, breathing them in from the purple sphere in your hands.

And exhale.

Take another deep breath in, again extracting the lessons to be learned, the wisdom that will help you continue to evolve,

And breathe out.

Bring your breathing to its normal rhythm and feel yourself relax a little deeper.


Now take a moment to observe yourself, glowing just a little brighter with the soft purple light of the wisdom extracted from your purple sphere.

Notice that the purple sphere in your hand feels a little lighter.

You know it’s time to let it go, to release the mom guilt you’ve been holding onto.

It has no purpose anymore.

So take a deep breath in, filling your belly with air, expanding it as much as you can,

And exhale your breath all the way out.

Take another deep breath in, inviting in the oxygen to fill you up,

And breathe in out.

Last deep breath in, letting the air fill up every part of your body,

And exhaling it all out.

Now bring your breathing back to its normal rhythm,

And just be here for a moment.


Bring your attention to your hands.

And notice that the dark purple sphere holding all the heaviness of your mom guilt is no longer there.

Instead, all you see are tiny grains of sand,

As if the sphere disintegrated into dust.

And watch as those tiny grains of sand blow off into the wind,

Leaving your hands clean and empty.

This mom guilt no longer serves you.

You’ve taken the lesson and have now let it go.

Notice how light you feel.

Notice how free.

Notice how deeply connected to yourSELF you feel.

The self who you hear saying,

I am an amazing mother.


Now bring your hands together in front of you,

Your hands that are now free of the weight of the purple sphere of mom guilt,

Let your palms touch as you bow your head with gratitude, appreciation and love for who you are.

Namaste, Beautiful.