Back to School Series – Mommy Needs a Time Out

This special back to school meditation series will give you a space to release all the anxieties you may be feeling in this back to school season, and shower yourself with grace and love.

Back to School Series – Mommy Needs a Time Out Meditation

This is a special back to school mini series, created especially for all of you mamas who are holding the heaviness of your kids going back to school during this very unusual year. Whether your kids are learning at home or they’re back in school with strange, new norms, it is all a LOT to handle. And you are definitely not alone.

So my intention with each of these meditations is that they give you a space to release all the anxieties, and shower yourself with grace and love.

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You got this, mama. One moment at a time.

meditation because mommy needs a time out
Photographer: JD Mason | Source: Unsplash


It’s time to chill, mama.

To pause.

To take a deep breath and recenter yourself.

Because you’re mommying hard and right now…

It’s too much.

Maybe you found yourself yelling at those around you

Perhaps you’ve said unkind words to yourself or others

Maybe you just feel completely undone after taking on yet another parenting responsibility.

Whatever it is, you need a time out.

So the intention of this meditation is to give you a sanctuary…a special space where you can let go of all the responsibilities, frustrations, high charged emotions…

And just BE.

So you can get back to center and live the rest of your day in a peaceful, joyful flow.


So let's begin by taking three deep breaths in

Filling your body with air as you inhale

And exhaling out all the way to the end of your breath.

Deep breath in…

And out

Last deep inhale

And exhale

Now return your breath to its normal rhythm.

Recognizing how more relaxed your body feels.


Pausing to take deep breaths in stressful moments can be such a tremendous tool to slow you down, take you out of your spinning mind and connect you to your true self.

So just be here with your breath for a few moments

Feeling your inhale fill your belly

And your exhale release the tension in your body


I want you to witness all the thoughts racing around in your mind

Notice the common phrases that keep appearing

Maybe they sound like

I can’t do this anymore

This is too much

If I have to deal with this one more time


This kid is testing me


Notice the common scenes you are seeing in your mind

Perhaps you’re replaying a stressful event that just occured

Maybe you’re envisioning your desired solution

Or maybe you’re even playing out all the things that you’ve labeled as wrong


All these thoughts, all these visuals, all these words…

I want you to see them floating around in your head

And with every breath out, imagine them being released from your mind

And exiting your body

Relaxing your body deeper and deeper

Breathe them all out…


Now observe yourself once again

And now notice the emotions that are present.

Maybe you’re feeling anger



Or overwhelm.

It could be a mixture of these and others.

Take a few moments to identify your emotions

To put a name on what you’re feeling right now


These emotions are charged right now

And they can mute our true voice

Sometimes causing us to act out of our emotions rather than what we know to be the truth.

So take a deep breath in, seeing all these emotions swirling around your body

And as you exhale,

Feel as all of your emotions are released from your body,

Releasing the tension and stress they can carry.

Breathe in…

And breathe them all out


Clearing your thoughts and your emotions helps you to just be still.

So be here with me right now, mama.

In this moment

Just rest in your breath as you allow my words to comfort you.

You are doing a great job

And you’re a phenomenal mother

No matter what life is throwing at you right now

No matter how hard this moment feels

No matter how lost or exhausted or overwhelmed you might feel

You are an amazing mom.

And everything is already okay.


Breathe in calm

And breathe out any stress that might still be present

Breathe in forgiveness, for yourself and for those around you

And breathe out the ego.

Breathe in the easy

And breathe out the hard.

Breathe in love,

And breathe out any more tension.


You are an incredible mama


Namaste, beautiful.