Back to School Series – Let Go of Back to School Anxiety

This special back to school meditation series will give you a space to release all the anxieties you may be feeling in this back to school season, and shower yourself with grace and love.

Back to School Series – Let Go of Back to School Anxiety Meditation

This is a special back to school mini series, created especially for all of you mamas who are holding the heaviness of your kids going back to school during this very unusual year. Whether your kids are learning at home or they’re back in school with strange, new norms, it is all a LOT to handle. And you are definitely not alone.

So my intention with each of these meditations is that they give you a space to release all the anxieties, and shower yourself with grace and love.

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You got this, mama. One moment at a time.

back to school meditation series
Photographer: Deleece Cook | Source: Unsplash


So go ahead and let your body relax as you settle into a comfortable position.

Take a deep breath in, expanding your chest and your belly with fresh, new air,

And as you exhale, feel your body relax just a little more.

Another deep breath in, filling your belly like a balloon,

And exhaling all that stale air out.

Return your breathing to a natural, easy rhythm,

And just notice as your breath automatically calls your entire body to slow down.


Your mind may be racing, mama.

Spinning with the details of how to get this all done,

Swirling with the worries of the unknowns,

Screaming with the anxieties of the what if’s.

Weighed down by the intense emotions of it all.

I know it all feels so heavy right now.

And that’s okay.

You were made with an enormous amount of resilience, love and strength.

You got this.


So feel yourself melt just a little further into your position,

And as you notice any thoughts or emotions arise,

Imagine them floating out of your head and into the air above you,

Forming a grey, heavy rain cloud above you.

One by one, watch as these thoughts, emotions, worries and fears float out of your head,

And into this growing, thunderous rain cloud above.

Let yourself feel the lightness of relief as you move them all to the rain cloud.


This rain cloud is scary.

It looms over you, threatening you with its impending storm.

And as you add more and more visions, thoughts, emotions and anxieties to it,

It continues to grow.

Now imagine that your raise both arms to the rain cloud,

Breathing in deep to gather your strength,

And then on your exhale, see yourself spreading your arms out wide,

And watch as the rain cloud divides, following the movement of your arms,

Parting and dissolving away.

Parting and dissolving away.

Revealing the vibrant energy of the warm sun.


Take a deep breath in and allow yourself to feel the comforting warmth of the sun,

Inviting it to cover you,

Soothe you,

Relax you.


Those rain clouds of anxiety are here for you anytime you need them, mama.

Ready to hold all the things on your shoulders for you,

So you can relax yours,

And be here in this moment,

Knowing you are already okay.

Let it all go…

It’s all going to be okay.

Namaste, Beautiful