Back Pain Relief Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you find relief from back pain.

Open yourself to the healing touch of the night,

And feel it relax and relieve you from your back pain.

So Let’s Begin…

woman's back sleep meditation


So breathe fully, dear one,

And settle yourself deeply into your bed.

Invite your attention to come inside,

Away from the streaming thoughts in your head,

And onto your body.

Listen to the soft noises of the night around you.

Feel the smooth ocean of sheets or blankets as they touch your skin.

Feel the motions of your breathing,

The rising and falling of your belly as the air flows in and out of your nose.

Let your senses bring you here,

Into this moment,

Ready to slow dance with the night.


Let your eyes get heavy,

Your cheeks soften,

Your face relax.


Lower your shoulders,

Soften your chest,

And let your arms and hands grow heavy,

And release.


Feel your stomach soften,

Your hips and thighs relax,

And your legs melt deeper into your bed.


Now feel the light blue glow of energy hovering over the base of your spine.

Feel the warmth of its healing spread across your lower back,


Like a soft cloud expanding and covering you here.

Breathe in deep,

And notice its blue energy melting deeply into your skin,

Your muscles,

And your bones,

Relaxing you,

Releasing the tightness,

Dissolving the pain.


And feel the glowing warmth of healing.


Now feel as the soft blue glow travels up your spine,

Slowly covering the middle of your back,

Spreading its warm, blue energy wide,

All the way around to your sides,

Deeply relaxing your muscles,

Healing your spine,

And releasing your pain.


Now feel the warmth of this healing blue energy rise into your upper back,

Spreading its soothing energy across the beautiful landscape of your skin.

Feel it melt deeply into your skin,

Soaking into your muscles,

And covering your bones.

Relaxing you.

Relieving you.

Releasing all the pain and tension that has lived here,

With every breath out.


Feel the rise of the healing blue energy as it enters your shoulders and your neck,

All the way up to the top of your spine.

See the blue spread itself deep into your muscles,

Massaging and releasing the tension in your neck,

Running its healing glow all the way down your spine,

From the top to the bottom,

Stretching it,

Straightening it,

And relieving all the pain that’s been living here.


And release it all.

The tension,

The stress,

The pain.

Let it all go,

As the comforting glow of blue, healing energy covers you completely,

So you can be free to drift off to sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.