Anxiety Meditation for Stressful Moments

Today’s anxiety meditation will help you calm down in stressful moments.

I know it feels heavy right now, beautiful.

I know your mind is spinning,

And your heart is racing.

But it’s time to come inside and uncover the peace inside of you,

And drink deeply from its calming, soothing waters.

So Let’s Begin…

anxiety meditation


So close your eyes,

And bring your attention inside.

Let your mind shift from all those thoughts onto the slow motion of your body.

The rising and falling of your belly,

The air flowing in and out of your nose.

The feeling of the air touching your skin.

And see if you can slow it all down just a bit,

Expanding your breathing,

And relaxing your body.


There will always be parts of your life that are unsettling.

There will always be moments when there is distance between what you desire and what is.

Anxiety arises when we worry about the future, or obsess about the past, and want to change it, want to control it…

But can’t.

So we worry. We stress. We let the anxiety creep in and overtake us until we are saturated with its heaviness.

And the quickest and most powerful way to dissolve it all,

Is to shift our minds and hearts and souls into the present moment.

Where no anxiety can exist.


So invite yourself to be here.

Deeply aware of yourself in this moment.

Aware of your body’s position,

Aware of your breathing,

Aware of your space.


Place your hand on your heart,

And let it find its calming, rhythmic beat.


Listen to the sounds around you.

Let them calm you,

And pull you into this moment.


When you are here,

Everything is okay.

There is nothing to worry about.

You are present.

You are alive.

You are deeply connected to you.

So take a deep breath in,

Focusing on the refreshing air filling up your entire body,

And breathe out,

Releasing and relaxing,

Feeling the calming peace fill you up.


Stay here in this moment, my love.

Where all the worries and anxieties can dissolve,

And clarity will come.

Right here,

Right now,

Everything is okay.

And you are loved.

Namaste, Beautiful