Age With Grace Sleep Meditation

Tonight’s sleep meditation will help you ease into deep sleep so you can age gracefully.

They may tell you that more years on you,

Means less value in you.

The images of beauty and vitality you see all around,

May not look like you.

You may even be interpreting your changing body,

As negative.

But rest assured, dear one, you are a divine, infinite being of love.

And every year you age is one more year you’ve been able to shine your light.

So rest tonight,

And settle into the deepest part of you,

Who embraces every wrinkle,

Who laughs at every mistake,

And who is eternally a vibrant little girl and a wise old woman.

So Let’s Begin…

person's hand in shallow focus
Photographer: Danie Franco | Source: Unsplash


Listen to your breathing,

The gentle accordion of air expanding and contracting,

The soft winds going in and out of your nose.



Filling you up,

And releasing out.


Slowly expand your breathing,

Breathing in just a little deeper,

And breathing out just a little longer.

Feeling the air come in and cleanse you,

And feeling the air go out and relax you.

Let it slow down your body,

And slow down your mind.


Aging with grace begins by completely accepting who you are,

In this moment,

And where you are on your life’s journey.

Accepting what is.

Without judgement,

And with an enormous amount of love and gratitude.


This doesn’t mean you can’t desire change,

Or need to deny the physical and emotional waves that come.

It simply means the core of you understands and embraces where you are on this journey.


So let’s begin here,

Relaxing your body deeply into your bed.

Feel a warm, calm blue energy collect at the crown of your head.

Let it relax you from the top down,

Like cascading water softening the rocks beneath it.


Feel the blue energy lower into your face,

Softening your eyes,

Your mouth,

And your cheeks.


Melt deeper into your bed,

As you feel the warmth of this blue energy enter your shoulders,

Your chest,

And your arms.

Let it relax you,

Let it free you.


Now feel this beautiful blue energy fall into your stomach,

Your back,

Your hips,

And swirl around your legs and feet.

Feel the warmth pull you down deeper into sleep,

As it protects you,

Nourishes you,

Relaxes you.


Let your entire body hum with the soft, blue energy of the night,

The energy that embraces this beautiful body of yours,

Exactly how it is right now.

The energy that honors where you’ve been,

Where you are,

And where you’re going,

Finding appreciation in every single moment.


Relax yourself with the blue glow of the night.

Let it release you from your worries,

From your expectations,

From all those stories that want to dictate who you should be,

How you should be,

And where you should go.


There are no shoulds here.

Only the divine truth of your soul,

The comforting voice that whispers her wisdom,

And guides you with love.


Be here with her now,

And know that you are perfect just the way you are.


That you are whole in this moment.


And that your soul is eternal.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful..