After a Breakup

After a Breakup

When a relationship ends, the effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intense.

No matter why the breakup occurred, or who initiated the split, the feeling of loss can be devastating.

Perhaps you’re feeling disappointment

Or deep heartbreak.

Or feeling flooded with so much self doubt, not-enoughness or self blame.

Maybe you’re feeling fear.

Fear of being alone. Fear of not having the true love you deeply desire. Fear of not being enough to be loved.

Let me assure you, gorgeous…you are enough. And you are worthy of great love.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to connect you to your inner greatness and remind you of the amazing woman you are. To rekindle your belief in the kind of love you desire, and to find peace amongst the discomfort you’re currently experiencing.

If you’ve been struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep or you’re waking up feeling exhausted, the Peaceful Sleep Collection was made for you. It’s a series of three guided meditations you can listen to any time you need to ensure your body, mind and soul are nourished with the sweet sleep you deserve.

To access the Peaceful Sleep Collection, go to https://womensmeditationnetwork.com

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Katie Krimitsos