Affirmations for Abundance Guided Meditation

Today’s sleep meditation is full of affirmations for abundance that will cover you with love and invite in the prosperity you deserve as you rest into deep sleep tonight.

Close your eyes and relax your body,

And let these affirmations for abundance cover you with love and invite in the prosperity you deserve.

So Let’s Begin…


I am worthy of everything I desire.

It is safe for me to desire more.

I am open and ready to receive the abundance coming my way.


I am deeply grateful for everything in my life right now.

I release all shame and judgments of myself.

I am deeply loved.


I am creative and open to new possibilities.

I am ready to share my talents and gifts with others.

It is safe for me to receive more.


I deserve the life of abundance I desire.

Money comes to me easily and regularly.

I am wise with my money.


There is always more money.

I attract miracles in my life.

I believe in myself.


I am aligned and in flow.

Abundance beyond my wildest dreams is here for me.

I surrender to the wisdom of the Universe.


I am so thankful for the abundance that is already in my life.

I am talented, capable and wise.

My body is healthy and abundant with life from the inside out.


I have an abundance of love, energy and resources to give to others.

I breathe in and receive,

I breathe out and give.


It is safe for me to be healthy and wealthy.

Others’ judgments of me are not my business and cannot touch the love and purpose in my heart.

My dreams and desires are worthy and meaningful.


As I have more, I give more.

I am a money magnet.

I release all my money blocks.


I release all resistance to money and allow it to flow freely into my life.

I do work I love and am paid well for it.

I am worthy of prosperity now.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful

Katie Krimitsos