A Sleep Meditation for My Daughter

Tonight’s sleep meditation is a special one I wrote for my daughter, that I hope soothes you into deep sleep.

Almost every night, my daughter and I lay down for a meditation before bed. It’s a soothing ritual that gives her the chance to calm her body and mind, and also gives us precious, intimate moments together.

Tonight, I invite you to join me as I guide you through a meditation I wrote for her one night after she went to bed, with the intention that you can feel the love in the words, and the relaxation in your body, so you can easily drift off to sleep.

So Let’s Begin…

sleep meditation


Settle into your bed tonight, sweet girl,

and let me lay beside you.

Let me feel the softness of the sheets,

and finally surrender to their welcoming calmness.

I've held it all today,

and my mind is not done.

It wants to hurry you to bed,

finish my tasks,

and worry about all those things that seem so important right now.


But then I look at you,

Really look at you,

Gazing into the chocolate sea of your eyes.

And I'm suddenly fully here,

in this moment,

in this bed,

present with you,

and fully awake to everything about you.


I take a deep breath in,

and as I exhale, I melt deeper into the bed next to you,

feeling the layers of the day dissolve.

And feeling you here closer to me.



Photographer: Cristina Gottardi | Source: Unsplash

Your light is the brightest I've ever known,

and I find myself searching for its source.

You reach out your hands to me, silently inviting me to relax you with touch,

and I smile softly as my fingers exude their warmth and love on your skin,

Caressing your forehead,

your eyes,

your cheeks,

your chin.


I see you here,

and in one swift breath,

I see you as a teenager,

as an adult,

As a mom,

As a grandmother,

As a fierce force of love that sends ripples throughout the universe.


I relax further into the bed,

further into you,

Further into this cosmic moment where no time exists,

and you and I are one.


I see you, my beautiful little girl,

And I feel overwhelmed with the magic of who you are.

Amazed and grateful that you chose me as your mom,

And completely aligned with the gorgeous mystery that is life.


Your beauty shines from the inside out,

and in this moment, I see it all.

Your hopes,

your dreams,

your heart,

your soul.

And wish you harmony with it all.


I won't worry for you,

But instead fan your flames so they grow.

So their heat can warm others,

and their flames of love can spread.

Breathe, dear one,

and rest now,

here with me,

as we let the peaceful arms of sleep carry us into the night.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful.