A Nighttime Prayer

Tonight’s nighttime prayer meditation will help you bring your day to a close as you ease into deep sleep.

As you bring your day to a close and drift off to sleep, join me in this nighttime prayer, a chance to flood yourself with gratitude, relaxation and a deep connection to the universe.

So Let’s Begin…

nighttime prayer
Photographer: Michael Heuss | Source: Unsplash


Close your eyes and invite yourself to nuzzle into your favorite sleeping position.

Moving around a bit to release any pain or pressure,

As you ease into your bed.

Let’s start by taking 3 deep breaths,

Bringing the air deep into your belly,

And then releasing it all out on the exhale.

Again, deep breath in,

And breathing out any tension you might have.

And last deep breath in,

And breathe it all out

Now bring your breathing to its normal rhythm,

And feel your body relax deeper into your bed.


nighttime prayer
Photographer: Isabella and Louisa Fischer | Source: Unsplash

Dear Universe…

Today has been so full,

And before I transition into sleep,

I come here to you to slow down, to center myself and to connect with you, to connect with me.

And I start with gratitude.

Tonight I’m grateful for all the incredible people I have in my life,

For the love that blossoms all around me,

For the air in my lungs,

And the gift of living this day.

I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve had in the past, as they’ve shaped me into the incredible woman I am today.

And I’m even grateful for the challenges I’m currently experiencing, because I know I become better as I move through them.

There is so much to be grateful for.


Dear Universe,

You know I crave more.

More love. More money. More joy. More connection. More impact. More peace.

And yet I also crave less…

Less stress. Less responsibilities. Less worry. Less pain.

So please help me find my center,

So I know when to strive…

And I know when to be still.

So I know when to do,

And I know when to be.

So I know when to take action,

And I know when to surrender.

So ultimately, I can be present to it all.


Dear Universe,

Help me shine. Help me tap into the deepest parts of myself and live vivaciously, bravely, and authentically.

Help my external actions align with my internal wisdom.

Help me show up as my best self,

And allow me to evolve with all the messiness it entails.


Dear Universe,

I leave it all with you tonight,

All the things left undone,

All the worries,

All the hopes,

And all the fears.

I release them to you as I surrender to sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful