5 Minute Refresh Meditation

The intention of the 5 Minute Refresh Meditation is to infuse you with love and energy at any time you need it throughout the day. To give you a quick way to refresh yourself.

Namaste, beautiful

Click below to press play. Close your eyes and let me guide you…

5 Minute Refresh Meditation

5 Minute Refresh Meditation Script

So go ahead and get into a comfortable position,

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath

Letting go of everything happening around you…

All the activity from the day…

All the thoughts swirling around…

All the physical sensations you might be feeling…

And simply focus on your inhale…and your exhale.


black woman meditating
Photographer: Shanique Wright | Source: Unsplash

Take a deep breath in…

And as you exhale, drop into relaxation…

Lowering your shoulders,

Softening your cheeks,

Relaxing your arms and your legs…

And allow your body to be rooted in this moment with your breath.

Soft, yet solid.

Relaxed, yet aware.


woman refresh meditation
Photographer: Cynthia Magana | Source: Unsplash

As you breathe normally, I want you to imagine that every breath in is cleansing you, clearing space that is taken up by emotions or physical sensation. And every breath out is exhaling those emotions or physical sensations out of your body.

Breathing in, clearing space.

Breathing out, letting it go.


woman refresh meditation
efPhotographer: Nathan Guzman | Source: Unsplash

And now inhale deeply into your belly, feeling your body expand with rejuvenating energy.

And exhale all the way out.

And one more deep breath in, feeling the cleansing inhale refresh you,

And exhale everything else out.

Now bring your breathing to its normal rhythm…

And feel as your body vibrates softly with a cool, fresh energy.

Namaste, beautiful.