5 Minute Meditation to Get In Flow

Today’s 5 minute meditation will help you get centered so you can get into flow.

Today’s meditation is a quick one you can use anytime you want to get in flow. Anytime you want to reset, feel aligned and easily flowing with creativity, energy and focus.

So Let’s Begin…

woman holding flower, guided meditation


So close your eyes,

And let’s begin by breathing in deeply and fully,

Filling your entire body with air until you can’t breathe in anymore.

Hold it at the top for a bit.

And then release all that air out.

One more big, full breath in,

Inviting the oxygen into every part of your body,

Then hold it,

Hold it.

And then breathe out and release it all.

Bring your breathing to a slow, easy rhythm,

As you lower your shoulders,

Soften your cheeks,

And open your chest.


Now see if you can envision that you’re standing in front of a rainbow.

Just a foot away from you, you can see the vibrant colors of light cascading from above you,

And falling into the ground.

Mesmerized, you take a step forward and immerse yourself into the light,

Immediately feeling the coolness of the colors of mist all around you.


Now imagine that the energy of this rainbow enters the crown of your head,

And flows gently down your body,

All the way down to your feet,

And into the ground.

You can feel the pure energy of the rainbow clear you,

Making space for easy flow,

From your head to your toes.


Breathe in and welcome the creativity of colors as they flow through you,

Painting you with ease.

Everything is clear,

Everything is flowing,

Everything moves through you and from you with love.

Namaste, Beautiful