5 Minute Meditation Before You Work

Today’s 5 minute meditation will give you a wonderful way to prepare yourself for the work day ahead.

5 Minute Meditation Before You Work

Close your eyes and come inside today, my love.

And give yourself the gift of this 5 minute meditation to center, focus and energize you before you work.

So Let’s Begin…

a woman doing a 5 minute meditation


Take a deep breath in,

Inviting in oxygen into every cell of your body,

Awakening and enlivening your mind and your body.

And breathe out,

Relaxing and releasing.

One more deep breathe in,

Filling every part of you with fresh, clean air,

And then exhale,

Relaxing deeper into yourself.

Now bring your breathing to a smooth, easy rhythm,

And be here.


A new work day is ahead of you, beautiful.

A chance for you to help others,

A chance for you to express yourself,

A chance for you to learn and connect.

So let’s begin your day of work with meaningful intentions.


May I bring all my brilliance and creativity to the work I do today.

May I bring love to others through my work.

May I be present and truly enjoy the work I do.

May I be grateful for and open to receiving the financial rewards for my work.

Bring your hands to your heart, and breathe in the blessings of the work ahead of you.

Namaste, Beautiful