10 Minutes of Meditation Music

This meditation will help you practice meditating with meditation music.

10 Minutes of Meditation Music

The intention of today’s meditation is to give you practice meditating with less guidance and more meditation music. It’s a chance to build your muscle of being present with all the thoughts, emotions and experiences that arise, and allowing them to pass through you as you come back into your meditation.

Though you will hear more meditation music and won’t hear guidance from me as much as usual, I am still here with you.

So Let’s Begin…

sheet music
Photographer: David Beale | Source: Unsplash

10 Minutes of Meditation Music Script

Settle yourself into a position that’s comfortable for you, maybe you’re sitting or lying down.

Any position that allows you to settle into relaxation and also be alert.

If you haven’t already, close your eyes.

And bring your attention onto your breath and the meditation music in the background.

Consciously slowing down your breathing,

Breathing in just a little longer,

Listening to the meditation music and exhaling a little more.


Woman lying down relaxing with headphones
Photographer: Elice Moore | Source: Unsplash

Relax your body just a little bit more, sink into the meditation music.

Making any adjustments needed to release any tension.

And just relax.


Now remain here with the meditation music,

Letting yourself surrender to today’s practice.

Knowing that thoughts will continue to arise,

Knowing that this is simply an opportunity to be present with it all.

If you find yourself lost in your thoughts,

Simply come back to your breath and just be here with the meditation music.

Come back to the stillness.

And let’s begin…


Powerful woman holding her arm up
Photographer: Miguel Bruna | Source: Unsplash

You are a powerful, special woman.

And I’m so grateful you spent some time here with me today.

Namaste, Beautiful.

The Story Behind the Meditation…

I love guided meditations. Mostly because I know that the guide’s voice will bring me back from where my mind wants to take me on a regular, on-going basis. But over the decades that I’ve practiced meditating, I’ve learned to really enjoy minimally guided meditations or meditating with meditation music and no guidance at all. Because it forces me to practice all those meditation techniques that I’ve learned through the guided meditations: detaching from my thoughts, using my breath, being present with my body and all the sensations, and tuning in to my deeper self and beyond.

And also…sometimes my life just calls for a little more quiet! With two young daughters, birds and a very loud husband ;), I have come to relish the moments of silence I can find. And there are definitely days, when my mom brain is filled with so many details, when my to-do list for business is stressing me out and my daughter has been saying “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy,” one too many times, that my head cannot ingest one…more…piece…of…information.

In those moments, I find meditating in silence or just to meditation music to be wonderful.

That’s what I wanted to give to you during this week’s meditation. A chance to practice. A chance to stretch yourself with very little guidance from me. A chance to get out of your meditation comfort zone and experience your practice in a new way with. A meditation to listen to when you’re in information overload and simply can’t take in any more information.

I hope you enjoy it.

Namaste, Beautiful