Coronavirus Anxiety Meditation

The intention of today’s Coronavirus anxiety meditation is to help you channel and release all the fear and anxiety that you are feeling about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus Anxiety Meditation

This Coronavirus anxiety meditation is meant for everyone. Women, men, adults, kids…anyone who is feeling the anxiety, worry and fear that the spread of the Coronavirus is causing. So, feel free to share this meditation with anyone you know who might need to feel more calm and peaceful during this time.

The intention of today’s Coronavirus anxiety meditation is to help you channel and release all the fear and anxiety that you are feeling about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

So you can step into the present moment – without the fear of the unknown weighing you down, or the anxiety of the what if’s completely freezing you – and live your life with a calm, grounded and aware energy.

woman dealing with coronavirus anxiety by meditating
Photographer: Natalia Figueredo | Source: Unsplash


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Coronavirus Anxiety Meditation Script

Let’s first begin by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in,

Filling your belly with air and expanding it as big as you can.

And when you can’t breathe in anymore, exhale all the air out through your nose, tightening your stomach to take the outbreath all the way to the end.

And breathe one more deep breath in,

And let it all out.

Bring your breath back to its normal rhythm,

And bringing your attention onto your body.

Feeling your chest rise and fall with the motion of your breathing.

Feeling the cool air on your nose as you breathe in and the warm air on your nose as you breathe out.

Feel your shoulder lower and relax.

Feel your cheeks soften,

And your jaw release.

Let your tongue fall down from the roof of your mouth.

Feel your arms get heavier and sink further into relaxation.

Let your stomach soften and relax.

And feel your legs get heavy and relax.

Feel your body melt deeper into your relaxed position.

Breathing out any extra tension or pain that might be lingering.


As you sit here, thoughts may be popping up in your mind.

Maybe these thoughts look like headlines or images you’ve been seeing on the news.

Perhaps these thoughts look like numbers: the number of cases, the number of deaths, the number of the market impact.

Maybe these thoughts are about the impact on you…

How it can or is already affecting your life.

Your health.

Your business.

Your kids.

Your schedule.

Your event.

Your family.

Your community.

Maybe these thoughts are heavy with visions of all the worst case scenarios, painted bright in your mind.

See all of these thoughts inside of your head, watching as they swirl around, creating a hurricane of worry, stress, anxiety and fear.

Feel how powerful that hurricane is.

Feel the energy it has.

Feel the movement. The intensity.

All this energy of the hurricane is what you’ve been carrying around.

And it’s impacting everything else in your life.

Your focus.

Your sense of safety and health.

Your regular activities.

Your work.

Your connection with others.

So look at the hurricane as it swirls loudly in front of you.

And notice that you see something very important…

The distinction between the facts and the emotions.

The facts are standing still outside the hurricane.

And the emotions – the fear, the stress, the worry, the anxiety – are what’s causing the motion of the hurricane.

And they are completely normal emotions to be feeling right now.

So take a deep breath in this moment, looking at this hurricane of emotion outside of you.

And realize that you are in charge of whether or not you allow its energy in today.


breathe in relaxation from coronavirus anxiety
Photographer: Zulmaury Saavedra | Source: Unsplash

You have your life to live today.

And although the Coronavirus is very real and deserves attention from you,

This moment right now is when you get to decide whether to invite in the facts that will help you navigate your day, or whether you will invite in the chaos of the hurricane of emotions.

And no matter what you decide, it’s all okay.

It’s a practice to control what you can, and let go of what you can’t.

As you continue your day and recognize the emotions when they arise, the worry, the fear, the obsession with updates,

And simply honor them, and then place them into this hurricane swirling outside of you.

Let it be your container to hold it all,

While you get connected to the present moment.

To what actually is in your life right now.


Let the beauty of what is in your life at this moment pull you into the present moment,

So you can choose what to pay attention to, and what to let go of.


Now, begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes, allowing your relaxed body to awaken,

Feel your body rise and fall with your breath.

And breathe in gratitude for this moment.

Trusting that you will have everything you need to deal with the facts as they evolve.

And in this space of peace, say a silent prayer of compassion, love and healing for all those whose lives have been directly impacted.

Imagine the healing spreading all over the globe, as you root yourself in love.

Namaste, Beautiful.

Katie Krimitsos