Can Winter Blues Meditations help you feel better this winter? Let’s try it!

The long dark winter nights are here again. The cold weather, the lack of daylight, and shorter days all make us feel a bit low. It’s natural to become a bit gloomy this time of year.

Are you feeling a bit down about the lack of sunshine? 

Don’t blame yourself. 

Winter is a bit more difficult to handle than some might think. From post-holiday blues, seasonal affective disorder, and poor weather, winter has a way of bringing us down. 

We have listed five meditation practices to help you get through this time of year.

These meditations intend to help you be calm, feel the love, relieve stress and anxiety, panic attacks, and seasonal depression. 

So you can tap into that calm during all the ups and downs the day might bring.


winter blues meditation

These are the four meditation practices that can help you relieve winter blues!

1. Panic Attack Relief Meditation

This meditation was created with so much love and designed to give you a powerful tool that can help provide you with panic attack relief should you find yourself in a moment of a panic attack.

I would highly suggest taking note of this episode to get to it quickly anytime you need it, especially this winter season. 

2. Warmth and Gratitude Meditation To Chase Winter Blues Away 

This winter blues meditation is all about having warmth and gratitude in this season of snow. This meditation will help you feel happy and be grateful for all the blessings you’ve received.

Here’s a quick instruction you can follow:

  1. Shift your attention from the parts of your body that are cold (maybe your hands, the top of your head, or your feet if your socks are not thick enough) to a body part that feels warm. If you’re wearing sweaters, then that’s much better.
  2. Now, feel the warmth. What does it feel like? What did you notice?
  3. Please take a moment to feel the gratitude of having a sweater to feel you warm and for putting it on this morning.
  4. Be grateful for the holiday decorations you can see around your place that make the season colorful.

This meditation will help your mindset towards gratitude for what you have and living in the moment.

winter blues meditation

3. Everything Is Going to Be Okay Meditation

This meditation will allow you to feel okay amidst the cold weather. It helps you calm down and know that everything will be okay during this winter blues.

This meditation is something that will improve your mood, whether you’re going through a rough time or not this season.

If you get sad during the winter season, here is a powerful meditation script to make all your sadness go away and help you charge your batteries before getting back into the real world and fighting it out with success!

4. Anxiety Meditation for Stressful Moments

Take care of your mind this winter by trying some new anxiety meditation techniques. Bask in the warm glow of mental health and wellness!

The winter months are among the hardest for those with anxiety conditions. You can’t always choose when you experience anxiety, but you can control it. 

Here’s the best anxiety meditation that will help you calm down in stressful moments this season.

It’s hard to deny that winter is just a rough time for all of us. Days are shorter, and the weather is bitter, and gosh darn it, you want to curl into bed in a ball and hibernate for a few months. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of meditation practices that can help boost your mood and improve your quality of life during this winter season. 

Meditation can be an antidote to this feeling, as it allows you to take control of your mind and your emotions—both keys to improved mood and resilience. Winter blues are here; now, meditate!

Namaste, Beautiful!


winter blues meditations

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