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Sleep Stories to help you fall asleep easily. When anxiety, insomnia or spinning thoughts are keeping you awake, press play on a sleep story to relax your body and clear your mind so you can melt into deep sleep. Our stories are generated by AI and intentionally created to meander and even be nonsensical at times. We do this so your mind will attach to the stories just enough to allow your body to relax, but not enough to keep you awake and interested. Narrated by the talented Rebekah Romberg and brought to you by Katie Krimitsos and the Women’s Meditation Network. 

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A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” 

– Irish Proverb

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Podcast Reviews

50 out of 5

281 Ratings


Thank you Beautiful.

Thank you so much for these beautiful meditations. They are the perfect start to my day. I can choose one that helps me through anything I am feeling that morning.

Roller Mum



Lovely relaxing voice to meditate to. Thank you



Grateful for your gentle ‘pick-me-ups

I have been loving your mindfulness practices. Your words spoken So sweetly and softly really touch a chord with me. I really enjoy the ‘pictures you paint’ in my mind when you ask us to visualise a scenery.

Aixa Cappa

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