Are You A Woman Who Wants to Meditate?

You've come to the right place! We have hundreds of guided meditations waiting for you, all completely ad-free! 

The Women's Meditation Network produces 3 very special podcasts - Meditation for Women, SLEEP Meditation for Women, and MORNING Meditation for Women.  Between the three of them, over 30 meditations each month are delivered to the listeners of the podcasts.  Each one is created with such love, and meant to be a tool for you to find more calm, better sleep and a deeper connection to your true self. 

And now, these meditations are yours completely AD-FREE when you become a Premium Member.  Additionally, becoming a Premium Member gives you access to journal prompts for every single meditation!

Becoming a Premium Member is Perfect for You If...

  • You want to start a regular meditation practice.
  • You want to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • You want a meditation to start your day with mindfulness.
  • You want to fall asleep naturally and easily every night. 
  • You want to establish and grow a powerful journaling practice.
  • And you want to do it all without ads...just press play and meditate...

All You Need to Do Is Choose Which Premium Membership is Right For You!


When you join now, you’ll get all the meditation bundles completely FREE!

The Four Meditation Bundles you’ll have immediate access to are...

  • The Peaceful Sleep Bundle - 3 loooooong guided meditations to help you fall asleep and stay asleep - over 2 hours of meditations! ($19.99 Value)
  • The Stress Relief Bundle - 14 guided meditations all bundled up for you to help you let go of stress and anxiety and find more calm! ($19.99 Value)
  • The Moms Meditation Bundle - 19 guided meditations that will calm and center you during the most exciting, the most mundane and the most stressful moments of motherhood! ($19.99 Value)
  • The Coronavirus Meditation Bundle - 12 guided meditations guided that will help give you calm and clarity during the Coronavirus pandemic. ($19.99 Value)

That's almost $80 of meditations totally FREE with your membership!

All these Bundles completely FREE!

And Even More Bonuses!

7 Day Challenge V2 Medium

When you BECOME A PREMIUM MEMBER today, you’ll also get immediate access to the 7 Day Meditation Challenge! ($7 Value)

  • Perfect if you’re wanting to jumpstart your meditation practice!
  • Every day for 7 days, you’ll receive an email from me with a little encouraging note, a powerful guided meditation (10-20 minutes long) and even a little something special once you complete the challenge!

Become a PREMIUM MEMBER today and get access to all this goodness immediately!

Still Have a Few Questions?

How will I access all this stuff?

Women's Meditation Network PREMIUM is hosted through Patreon, a tool that will make it super simple for you to get everything that’s a part of your membership.  You can simply download the app and get it all there!  Patreon even provides a private feed for the weekly meditations for many podcast players (like Apple Podcasts), so you may even be able to listen to all the ad-free meditations in your current podcast player!  It’ll show up like this.  Easy right?

How will I get all the bonus content?

As a PREMIUM member, you’ll get a special code and link that will allow you to get each of the Bundles and the 7 Day Meditation Challenge for FREE!  Easy peasy.

What if I decide I want to cancel my membership?

No worries. Patreon makes it easy for you to cancel anytime you want within their platform.  This is a month-by-month membership and you can cancel at anytime (although warning: once you get used to having all the meditations ad-free at your fingertips, you may not ever want to cancel!) ;) 

So What Are You Waiting For? Become a Premium Member Today!

For as little as $5 each month.  

That’s less than your favorite cup of coffee.  

For a TON of ad-free meditations that will help feel more calm, less stress, sleep better and live your life with intention!

Become a PREMIUM MEMBER today and get access to all this goodness immediately!

Namaste, Beautiful!


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