Coronavirus Meditation Bundle

Guided Meditations to Ease Your Anxiety

Twelve guided meditations that will help give you calm and clarity during the Coronavirus pandemic. Each meditation is between 11-20 minutes and easy to fit into your day. These meditations are perfect for beginners and seasoned meditators. 

The Peaceful Sleep Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase your meditation bundle, you’ll be able to listen to them directly on the Gumroad app or download the meditations directly to your device. 

No. You have lifetime access to the bundle you purchased. 

According to our terms & conditions, these meditations and bundles are for your personal use only.  They are not to be shared or used for commercial use. 

You can listen to them directly on the Gumroad app or download the meditations directly to your device and listen from there,

Thank you page Download Link for Popular Meditations – this won’t be a downloadable file…I’m going to deliver it as the individual players on the thank you page. I’ll plan to make them downloadable from there. Kinda like this (although this is gumroad…the concept is the same):

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What Other Women Are Saying

I Love the Intention You Set for
Each Meditation!

I’m a raving fan of your meditation podcast! I can’t tell you how often you are part of my night time practice. I love the intention you set for each meditation and I consider you a definite part of my wellness prescription.


Great Way to Start My Days!

I’ve never meditated before and I don’t know what it would look like without a guide but Katie has the perfect voice and uses the perfect words and amount of time to make me feel like I’m actually meditating correctly!


Speaks Directly to My Needs!

This podcast is full of meditations that speak directly to my needs right now. Katie is fantastic and you can hear her heart behind her words!