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White Noise Meditation for Kids

Penny the Panda is so happy you’re joining her in listening to these gentle white noises and sounds that will make you feel more calm and relaxed. She plays them in the background during her day and at night to help her ease into deep sleep. Did you know that ambient sounds, background noise and white noise can help improve your sleep, cognitive performance, concentration and mood? So come with Penny to bring a bit more calm into your life with these beautiful white noise episodes. 

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“Be the calm you want to see in your child.” 

~ Renee Jain

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Absolutely Amazing Meditations!

I am in love with every episode! Thank you so much for this beautiful creation! They give me confidence, calm my mind and help to manifest the life I want.





These are beautiful and I love that they’re designed specifically for women.



Love these meditations! 😍

I really appreciate you putting these out into the world. I share them with friends all the time!




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