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You Are Not Too Much

A guided meditation to remind you that you are not too much.

You’ve been told you’re “too much.”

Too loud.

Too smart

Way too talkative.

That you’re too pushy

or too dramatic

Too complex

Too serious

Maybe even that you’re too demanding

Too pretty

Or too ugly

They’ve said it in your face. And they’ve said it silently.

Or maybe you’ve heard your own internal voice speaking these words.

Because of this, maybe you’ve kept yourself small at times.

Kept quiet when you wanted to speak.

Shrunk your personality so you didn’t bring too much attention to yourself

Or held yourself back from doing something you really wanted to do.

But not today.

The intention of today’s meditation is to help you live out loud…without apology…without holding back…without minding anyone else’s rules for you.

To remind you that you are not “too much” so you can let go of the fear that can keep you small.

This is your life, gorgeous…and today is your day to shine.