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4 Best Winter Blues Meditations to Lift Your Mood

Can Winter Blues Meditations help you feel better this winter? Let’s try it!

The long dark winter nights are here again. The cold weather, the lack of daylight, and shorter days all make us feel a bit low. It’s natural to become a bit gloomy this time of year.

Are you feeling a bit down about the lack of sunshine? 

Don’t blame yourself. 

Winter is a bit more difficult to handle than some might think. From post-holiday blues, seasonal affective disorder, and poor weather, winter has a way of bringing us down. 

We have listed five meditation practices to help you get through this time of year.

These meditations intend to help you be calm, feel the love, relieve stress and anxiety, panic attacks, and seasonal depression. 

So you can tap into that calm during all the ups and downs the day might bring.


winter blues meditation

These are the four meditation practices that can help you relieve winter blues!

1. Panic Attack Relief Meditation

This meditation was created with so much love and designed to give you a powerful tool that can help provide you with panic attack relief should you find yourself in a moment of a panic attack.

I would highly suggest taking note of this episode to get to it quickly anytime you need it, especially this winter season. 

2. Warmth and Gratitude Meditation To Chase Winter Blues Away 

This winter blues meditation is all about having warmth and gratitude in this season of snow. This meditation will help you feel happy and be grateful for all the blessings you’ve received.

Here’s a quick instruction you can follow:

  1. Shift your attention from the parts of your body that are cold (maybe your hands, the top of your head, or your feet if your socks are not thick enough) to a body part that feels warm. If you’re wearing sweaters, then that’s much better.
  2. Now, feel the warmth. What does it feel like? What did you notice?
  3. Please take a moment to feel the gratitude of having a sweater to feel you warm and for putting it on this morning.
  4. Be grateful for the holiday decorations you can see around your place that make the season colorful.

This meditation will help your mindset towards gratitude for what you have and living in the moment.

winter blues meditation

3. Everything Is Going to Be Okay Meditation

This meditation will allow you to feel okay amidst the cold weather. It helps you calm down and know that everything will be okay during this winter blues.

This meditation is something that will improve your mood, whether you’re going through a rough time or not this season.

If you get sad during the winter season, here is a powerful meditation script to make all your sadness go away and help you charge your batteries before getting back into the real world and fighting it out with success!

4. Anxiety Meditation for Stressful Moments

Take care of your mind this winter by trying some new anxiety meditation techniques. Bask in the warm glow of mental health and wellness!

The winter months are among the hardest for those with anxiety conditions. You can’t always choose when you experience anxiety, but you can control it. 

Here’s the best anxiety meditation that will help you calm down in stressful moments this season.

It’s hard to deny that winter is just a rough time for all of us. Days are shorter, and the weather is bitter, and gosh darn it, you want to curl into bed in a ball and hibernate for a few months. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of meditation practices that can help boost your mood and improve your quality of life during this winter season. 

Meditation can be an antidote to this feeling, as it allows you to take control of your mind and your emotions—both keys to improved mood and resilience. Winter blues are here; now, meditate!

Namaste, Beautiful!


winter blues meditations

Daily Morning Affirmations Routine That Will Transform Your Life

Morning affirmations are undoubtedly a positive start to the day, setting your mind in the right positive direction. When you create a routine around your morning affirmations, you’ll start to see your life transform as you align in the energy you desire.

The human mind is one of the most powerful tools we have. We are what we think, and what we think, we become. Our thoughts create our reality.

While your conscious mind is continuously busy trying to make sense of the world around you, processing thoughts and emotions. The unconscious mind is where your beliefs are stored, in fact, it controls 95% of your life. Hence why self-talk matters.

Positive affirmations are great, but if you add the two simple yet powerful words ‘I am,’ it will give you a major boost of confidence and power. Those words are yours, and yours only.

I invite you to say these affirmations, repeat out loud, in your head, write them down. Do this every day, first thing before you start your day to help you negate unwanted and unhelpful thoughts, refocusing your mind on those that are.

I am strong.

I am energetic.

I am powerful.

I am safe and secure.

I am loved.

I am gifted.

I am grateful for my life.

I am abundant.

I am open to receiving.

I am blessed.

I am wealthy.

I am successful.

I am courageous.

I believe in myself.

I am motivated and dedicated.

I am strong and confident.

I am fearless.

I am enough.

I am peaceful.

I am freedom.

I am bold, beautiful and wise.

I am relaxed and calm.

I am in vibration with the frequency of prosperity.

I am open to receive.

I am affluent.

Become more conscious of your thoughts. Speak and act from a place of love and positivity, and witness how it will positively impact every aspect of your life. Each and every one of us is the architect of our lives, what we make of it is entirely up to us.

Looking for more affirmations? Check out these affirmation meditations to feel more confident and alive:

Morning affirmations

Affirmations for self love

5 Ways Daily Meditation Has Changed My Life

By Jody Agard, Mommy Reboot

I was no stranger to meditation before I actually began implementing it. In my early journey through self care, it was one of the first things I did to help settle my mind and take care of myself.

Intellectually, I knew all the benefits of regular meditation but for two years I still only dabbled.

At the time, I was a single mom and building a business so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to a regular meditation practice.

It was something I did on a whim, or when I could squeeze in a few minutes here and there.

But I was craving calm in the season of my life that I was in. I was desperate for change, so I decided to try something different and amp up my meditation practice.

One day I decided to make a commitment to myself that I would meditate every single day, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Initially, I was only looking at this as a “temporary experiment.”

That was 6 years ago and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Now, rather than saying “I don’t have time to meditate today,” I know that, “I don’t have time to not meditate.”

That temporary experiment has made me into a daily meditator, sometimes meditating two and three times a day if I need to. Meditation has become such an important part of my day and daily self care routine. Surrendering and letting go during my meditation practice is something I look forward to, rather than viewing it as another to-do list item the way I once did.

Here are 5 ways daily meditation has changed my life:

1) I’m Less Reactive
I’m still a busy mom who juggles kids, a business, my marriage, and all the duties that being an adult brings. However, the daily nuances of life don’t weigh me down nearly as much as they once did. I’m simply not bothered by much anymore. I’m more patient with myself, my kids and my family, which allows for better communication and more harmonious relationships. If something doesn’t go the way I had planned in my day, I don’t come undone the way I used to. I’m generally more relaxed, not just during my meditation, but hours after I come out of it.

2) I Don’t Stay Stuck for Long
I call myself a “recovering type-A perfectionist”. My nature is to overanalyze everything and live too much in my head and not enough in my heart. Over the years I have experienced a great deal of feeling stuck and unclear on which direction is the best to take. I was often paralyzed by fears of choosing the “wrong path”. Although this is still a big part of my personality, with daily meditation, I’m able to move through it quickly. I don’t stay stuck for very long anymore. If that feeling arises, whether it’s in my business, or the best way to parent one of my kids, when I take a step back, throw myself on my meditation pillow and just breathe, the answers often flood through me. I’m able to quiet my mind enough to hear the answers coming. I’ve learned over the years that the answers we crave are always there, lurking below the surface of our chattering minds.

3) I Drink Less Alcohol
I’ve never really been a big drinker, more on the lines of a social drinker. However, I’d often enjoy ending my day with a glass or two of wine as my husband and I attempted to catch up on our busy day. Ever since I’ve been meditating regularly though, I simply don’t want it because I don’t need it. Because I’m using meditation on a daily basis, it eases the same problems that alcohol once attempted to calm. I began craving and valuing true relaxation, clarity, and balance; things I felt alcohol never quite delivered on because of its fuzzy after effects.

4) I’m More Creative
My career as an author and self care coach requires me to be creative. It takes brain juice to write, record inspirational videos, and powerfully coach my clients. I credit my ability to impact the way I do because of my commitment to daily meditation. When I’m bogged down in my mind with the details of my life, everything is harder because I’m relying on myself, rather than the spirit of my intuition. Habitual meditation allows the ideas, the solutions, the creative work to flow through me because I’m in the receptive mode and getting out of my own way. I’m never short on ideas the way I once was before making meditation a regular practice.

5) I’m More Productive
For the same reasons that my creative flow has increased, my productivity has also increased. Regular meditation allows me to be tapped into a force much bigger than myself. I rely and trust on my divinely guided intuition to tell me what’s most important to do in the moment and let go of what isn’t. As a result, I’ve become so much more efficient. It takes me much less time to complete tasks than it took me before making meditation a regular habit. I’ve learned to do the things that require the most brain power soon after coming out of my morning meditation so I can capitalize on the good feeling energy and focus.I’ve been amazed at what I’ve been able to accomplish these last several years and I owe a big part of that to my daily meditation practice.

These are just a few of the powerful ways daily meditation has changed my life. I’ve seen improvements in every area; my relationships, my career, my health and my finances. I have no doubt that it’s because of the calming clarity that I’ve gained through establishing a regular meditation practice!