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You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Today’s meditation was especially created for you when you feel overwhelmed…when you feel like you are carrying way too much on your shoulders.

If your experience is anything like mine, you probably take up a lot of responsibilities in your life. Your finances, your job or business, your health, your home, your friends, your family. And most likely, you are a key player in taking care of others. Maybe you’re a mom…a wife…a caretaker for aging parents…an involved friend… And while you usually manage all the moving parts pretty well, there are moments when it all feels so heavy…when it feels like too much…

It doesn’t take too much to trigger this feeling… Maybe your dishes are piled up all over your kitchen. Or your little one is needing something from you. Or you realize you’re late for work… Or you see a disappointing number in your bank account…

All these small moments of responsibility, frustration, interruption…they can easily add up and feel so heavy in an instant… So that suddenly…we feel overwhelmed. And that’s completely okay.

So, today’s guided meditation will help you slow down and take those weighted moments off your shoulders, so you can become lighter and feel at ease.

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