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When You’re Burnt Out

I know you need a break, gorgeous.

I know you are tired.

And overwhelmed.

And running on fumes.

I know you’ve been doing so much to keep all the balls up in the air in this incredible, complex life you’ve created.

I see you.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s time to STOP. And be quiet. And go inward.

So you can replenish.

So you can feel whole again.

So you can feel alive.

So you can hear what your body and your soul are telling you.

So you can find peace.

So come with me today, beautiful, as I guide you through a meditation that was created just for you in this moment – and every other moment in the future when you might feel burnt out.

A meditation that is designed to help you to stop and replenish yourself…from the inside out.

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