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Shatter Impostor Syndrome

Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome at times, and here is the perfect meditation to help you overcome it.

A Meditation for Imposter Syndrome

You deserve to be here.

You deserve to be exactly who you are.

Doing what you’re doing.

Teach what you’re teaching.

Share what you’re sharing.

Say what you’re saying.

You deserve to have what you have.

You deserve to be on this journey and living vibrantly…

As the perfectly imperfect you that you are.

You are not an imposter.

You are simply a gorgeous woman on her path…trying to figure it out as she goes along, just like the rest of us…

And doing it as gracefully, meaningfully and powerfully as you can.

And I honor you for that. No matter how many times you compare yourself to others, no matter how many times you falter, no matter how many times you fall down or make a mistake.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to remind you to shed the imposter syndrome and reclaim your right to live unapologetically on this magical journey of yours that you are constantly in the process of creating.