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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for the 7 Day Meditation Challenge

Whether you’re new to meditation or you’re simply needing to kickstart your regular practice again, I promise these meditations will be refreshing and easy to do. Each day or 7 days, you’ll receive an email from me with a special note and a meditation based on that day’s topic. Here’s a glimpse into the meditations…

Day 1 – A Mindful Pause

The intention of this meditation is to simply practice being here. To give you the space to pause, to let my words guide you and to allow your practice to open up a space to connect with your true self…your inner voice.

Day 2 – Focus on the Breath

The intention of this meditation is to give you the space to focus on your breath, so you can begin to tap into its power.

Day 3 – Detach From Your Thoughts

This meditation will guide you through a visualization that will allow you to practice detaching from your thoughts. So you can connect deeply to yourself without their influence. And, so you can clearly see the power of choosing your thoughts wisely.

Day 4 – You Are Meant to Shine

The intention of this meditation is to help you connect with the light within you and illuminate your authentic self.

Day 5 – Gratitude: Focus on the Good

The intention of this meditation is to give you the opportunity to feel the power of gratitude. To feel how it can shift your attitude, how it can change your entire experience of life. And to allow yourself to open up to receiving even more of what it is you’re grateful for. And ultimately, to give you a way to celebrate yourself and your life as it is now.

Day 6 – Just Be

The intention of this meditation is to honor the space you have created for yourself to just show up and be.

Day 7 – You Are So Special 

The intention of this meditation is to give you the space to honor your unique, brilliant self. To connect with your light. To step into the beauty that is you.

And Some Extras!

I’ll also be giving you a few journaling prompts each day so you can pick up a journal and take some time to write down some thoughts, ideas, insights and experiences you have during your meditation practice.

Here’s what people are saying about the meditations


“She has a very warm and inviting voice that spoke to my inner self.”


“These are beautiful and I love that they’re designed specifically for women!”


“I have been trying to prioritize a daily morning meditation that I look forward to and doesn’t seem like a chore. Now I have it with the help of Katie.”

It’s Time to Start Something New, and Trust the Magic of New Beginnings

7 Day Challenge V2 Medium

Start the 7 Day Meditation Challenge Now For Just $7!

About Your Guide, Katie Krimitsos

Katie is a mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, seeker and change maker.  She has a deep passion for helping women shine their brightest and one way she does this is through the Women’s Meditation Network.  (The other main way is by raising her two daughters!) 😉 

She’s created the Women’s Meditation Network podcast as a free resource available to anyone who can benefit from it.  Additionally, she creates meditation and personal development resources that are meant to enhance your ability to listen to your own inner voice and let her guide you to create a life you truly love.  A life where you shine!

Start the 7 Day Meditation Challenge Now For Just $7!