Coronavirus Meditations

Guided meditations to help you feel more calm, relaxed and centered during this time.

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I'm Katie Krimitsos and I'm the Creator of the Women's Meditation Network podcast.

When news of the Coronavirus first began circulating, I was like many others...frustrated and annoyed that it consumed the news and everyone’s conversation around me. Especially my husband’s. He was preparing for his big event at the time and was understandably ingesting - and therefore worrying - about every little news update. He couldn’t talk about anything else. So, out of a deep desire to ease his anxiety, I created a Coronavirus Anxiety Meditation for him that I released on my podcast.

In just the first week that meditation went live, I was flooded with feedback about it. About how it was helping people sleep when their minds were spinning at night. How it gave people a sense of calm as their lives were changing drastically every single day. How it reminded people to find their own space of awareness without getting saturated by the news. 

And as time passed and more serious announcements were made, my initial irritation with the virus turned to intense alertness. And out came the fear, the worry, the anxiety and so much more. I knew I had to do more. So, I created this page so you can easily find guided meditations that will help you in the whirlwind of emotions you might be feeling right now.

Included here are meditations from some of the most amazing healers, guides and souls I know so you can have easy access to meditations that will help you let go of the fear and anxiety and connect to the calmness within. So you can navigate these times with presence, love, compassion and kindness. 

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Namaste, Beautiful


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"You have within you, right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you" 

~ Brian Tracy

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Coronavirus Meditations
The Women's Meditation Network

More Coronavirus-specific meditations will be going live on the podcast in the next few weeks, so make sure to subscribe to get updated when they release!

The intention of today’s Coronavirus meditation is to help you channel and release all the fear and anxiety that you are feeling about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Today’s meditation will help you deal with how the Coronavirus is impacting your work in a calm and centered manner.

 And here are a few others that might also help  

The intention of today’s meditation is to practice to detach from your thoughts so you can clearly see the power of choosing your thoughts wisely.

The intention of today’s meditation is to calm your mind when you’re stressed about money, and help you find peace amidst the uncomfortable financial situation you are in. And to help you detach from the worry so you can make decisions from a clear and loving place. And, to gently remind you that everything is already ok.

There is such power in decluttering. In clearing space in your life and in your mind. When we get rid of thoughts we no longer need or that no longer serve us, We’re also letting go of the stress, anxiety and ultimately the energy that can come along with housing them. And then, when the

Meditation Podcasts

Podcasts with Libraries of Meditations For You

Meditation Minis

My friend Chel Hamilton creates gorgeous, short meditations that will help you feel more calm and less stressed.  Here are a few that she created specifically to help you through these times. 

Calm Space for Self-Empowerment

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or even depressed about the state of your world (or THE world) around you? In this meditation we will start with creating a more calm clear space within you by finding the space between breathes. 

Creating Love for Our Crazy World

A simple but powerful meditation practice that we can give the world together... while also gifting it to ourselves. Try it 3 times before you decide. 

Incandescent: An Unconventional Meditation Podcast

My friend Marisa Imôn gives you a positive affirmation meditation with ASMR vocals and relaxing music every Tuesday through Thursday.

More Free Meditations from Marisa

Marisa's created over 200 guided meditations for you on her website...all for free.  Enjoy!

Sleep With Me

My friend Drew Ackerman is a master "sleep story" teller.  He has a calming voice and shares meandering stories to help your mind relax so you can sleep. If you're having trouble sleeping, his podcast is amazing and will help you get the rest you need. Here is one of my favorites of his:

Red Curry and Jasmine Rice 

Cooking up some comfort for you served on a bed of rice.

Live Meditations

These Leaders Are Providing Live Meditations Regularly During This Time

Daily Meditations on Instagram

Right now, I'm doing daily meditations on my Women's Meditation Network Instagram page. Some are recorded, some are live stories. Each are small moments of calm for your day.

Daily Meditations for Kids

My friends Tahmina & Jigna are hosting free meditations daily for kids. It's an incredible resource for those of us looking for activities for our kids at home right now.

Daily Meditations with Melissa

My friend Melissa Monte of the Mind Love podcast is doing daily meditations on Instagram. She's amazing.

Global Group Meditations

My friend Chel is hosting a free live group meditation every Sunday and Thursday for the next few weeks. Check out the link to see the times in your time zone. 

Meditate With Chris

My friend Chris Curran offers free live meditations every single week. Check out his site to see the schedule.

Additional Meditations

Here are some other incredible meditations that can help

Clear Your Fear

Laura Powers created this meditation called "Archangel Michael Practice" that will help you let go of all your fear.

Self-Healing Meditation

Tina Conroy of the Intuitive Woman Podcast created a beautiful meditation called Amethyst Crystal Healing with Self Reiki

Meditacíon en Español

Sonia's podcast is wonderful for beginners to meditation and also has a few meditations in Spanish.

Dream for Sleep

My all-time favorite meditation to help me fall asleep.  Bethany's voice is magical and it will soothe your soul.

Meditation of Calm

Bruce Langford, host of the Mindfulness Mode podcast, created a special meditation to help us find more calm right now.

Nature Meditation

Kerry Kott, host of The Universe Made Me Do It Podcast, created a gorgeous guided meditation that will allow your mind to escape with nature.

Reiki Meditation for Calming Fear

Terri Heiman, host of The Empowered Spirit Show, created a powerful meditation to help you calm the fear you may be experiencing.

Abundance Meditation

Laura Powers created another powerful meditation to help you with any financial stress you might be experiencing.

Mind Exercises for Facing Crisis

Marion Abrams of the Spartan Up podcast did a special episode about COVID-19 that included two wonderful mind exercises to help you stay clear and calm. This link will take you directly to that part of the episode. 

Protect Your Energy

Susmitha Veganosaurus hosts the Feel Good Factor Podcast and has a number of wonderful meditations. This will take you to one of my favorites called "Activating Your Energy Protection Field."

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