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Relax Your Body Into Sleep

The intention of this deep sleep meditation is to help you relax your body so you can easily transcend into peaceful, restorative sleep.


Your body deserves a deep sleep meditation.

Your body has been working hard for you today.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to deeply relax your body so you can easily transcend into peaceful, restorative sleep.

She moved you to where you wanted to go

She digested the food you ate

Kept your heart beating and your lungs breathing.

Maybe she wrapped her arms around the people you love

Or allowed you to jump, run or sweat so you could feel strong and healthy

Or simply let you sit still so you could do work that made you feel fulfilled.

Maybe she shed tears to help you release powerful emotions

Or spoke the words you needed to help you communicate your desires.

Your body is amazing

And now she needs to rest

So she can rejuvenate

So she can be fresh and ready for you tomorrow.


Relax Your Body into Sleep Meditation Script

Let’s begin by closing your eyes and adjusting your body so it’s in your most comfortable sleeping position.  

Take a deep breath in…

And breathe all the way out.

Now let your body sink further into your position, working out any kinks and adjusting yourself as necessary. 

And then come to your breath.

Be here with your breath for a bit…

Feeling your chest and stomach rise with each breath in…

And fall with every breath out. 

Rise as you breathe in…

Fall as you breathe out.


Bring your attention to the top of your head

Feel it warm and soften,

And as you breathe out, breathe out all the tension you’re holding here…

Maybe around the temples or the forehead

And feel your head lighten.


Now bring your attention to your face…

Feeling your eyelids get heavier

And your cheeks soften

Unclench your jaw, naturally separating your lower jaw from the top of your mouth,

Moving your lower jaw from side to side until you find its most comfortable position

And take a deep breath in…

And as you exhale, release all the tension that you held in your forehead, your temples, your eyes, your jaw, your cheeks, your mouth, your chin…

Feel your face warm and soften


Now bring your attention to your neck and your shoulders

Lower your shoulders away from your ears

And as you breathe in, imagine your neck stretching

Releasing any pressure on your spine

And when you breathe out, exhale any tension

Feel yourself melt into your bed a little deeper.


Now feel your arms as they lay on your bed,

As your attention focuses on them, feel them soften

With each breath in, imagine your arms getting warmer

And with each breath out, feel them heavier beside you, 

Breathing in, getting warmer

Breathing out, getting heavier

Feel your fingers and hands soften

And let your arms, hands and fingers relax deeper into your bed.


Now bring your attention to the soft beating of your heart in your chest

Imagine a golden light emanating from your heart, warming your body from its center

Feel this golden light spread throughout your body

And soak in gratitude for its love, its magic…its life-giving energy

And relax your body a little more into your bed.


Now soften your stomach

If there’s any discomfort, let your inbreath soothe it, 

As your outbreath releases it

And just relax your stomach deeper into sleep


Now feel the warmth on your back as you bring your attention to it

Imagine a warm glow softening all the muscles in your back

Allowing them to relax deeper into your comfortable sleeping position


Feel that warm energy travel down to your legs

Into your hips, your thighs, your knees, your ankles, your feet and your toes. 

Feel the heaviness of your legs on your bed

Imagining them melting, melting, melting deeper into sleep.


Your body is amazing

And she has given you the blessing of working for you today

Even through pain, discomfort and challenges.

She’s here with you…one with you…

And ready to surrender to the sleep you deserve.

The sleep she needs to work for you again tomorrow. 

As you breathe in, fill your body with gratitude…

And as you breathe out, let her fall deeper into sleep.

Breathe in gratitude

Breathe out, deeper into sleep.

Namaste, beautiful