Listen to Yourself (Listen) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is an opportunity to listen to yourself. 

Our inner voice is constantly speaking to us. Whispering to us as we ponder decisions, run into difficulties and manage our everyday lives. Our intuition always guides us in the right direction, always lights the path for our next steps. It’s up to us to listen.

So today’s meditation will give you the chance to sit in silence with yourself so you can practice listening to your inner voice with love, empathy and understanding.

So Let’s Begin…


So settle into your position,

Getting yourself comfortable so you can be both relaxed and alert.

Perhaps even asking your body what she needs right now to achieve that,

And then listening to what she has to say.

And then relax even deeper into your position.


Notice any thoughts that may be swirling around in your head,

Observing them from afar,

And imagining them floating away,

One by one,

Leaving your mind spacious and clear.



Now be here.

And listen.

Without judging what you hear within yourself,

But instead, doing your best to recognize whether you’re hearing the noise of your ego,

The noise inside your head,

Or the sounds of your inner voice,

Just be here,

And listen.


Now bring your attention back to your breath,

Taking a big, deep breath in as we bring our practice to a close,

And exhale as you bring your hands to your heart.

Today’s practice of listening to yourself may have been frustrating as the noise took over in your head, or it may have been enlightening as you really heard your inner voice. Or, possibly both.

It’s all okay. Your practice today was exactly what it was supposed to be. And this meditation is here for you anytime you want to continue practicing listening to yourself.

Namaste, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman