Ease into sleep guided meditation featured image

Ease Into Sleep

It’s time to let your body rest, beautiful. So the intention of today’s guided meditation is to help your body relax while your mind is distracted by my voice...so you can easily enter into deep sleep. It’s time to let ...
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Let go of shame guided meditation featured image

Let Go of Shame

There is something sitting deep inside your gut. A dark grey energy that bubbles with negativity and spreads all across your body. You’ve made a mistake. Or perhaps you made a decision that you’re realizing now wasn’t the right one ...
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Slow down your racing mind guided meditation featured image

Slow Down Your Racing Mind

Your thoughts are powerful. They have the capability to create your life. Which is why we can use the tool of meditation to become aware of the thoughts running through our mind Detach from them And ultimately create the silence ...
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the ultimate gratitude meditation guidedmeditation featured image

The Ultimate Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude. It’s more than counting your blessings. More than a tool to shift your mood from dark to light. More than a way to help anchor yourself into the beauty of the present moment. It is the doorway for living ...
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Release your anger guided meditation featured image

Release Your Anger

It’s bubbling up inside of you. Your jaw is clenched. Your shoulders are tight. Your stomach is in knots. You may be feeling angry in the most mild ways - an underlying discomfort or a tenseness of your body. Or ...
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wake up & shine: a daily morning meditation featured image

Wake Up & Shine: A Daily Morning Meditation

The intention of today’s guided meditation is to help you create the space to live purposefully today. From start to finish. It’s time to start your day with intention. With positivity. With love. So you can shine. From the inside ...
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you're in a fight with your spouse guided meditation featured image

You’re in a Fight With Your Spouse

I had a big realization last year...that the health of my relationship with my spouse was central in how I showed up for everything else in my life...my business, my time with my daughter, my health and fitness… If I ...
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6 Minute brain break guided meditation featured image

6 Minute Brain Break

The intention of today’s meditation is to give you a quick break from the cadence of your day so you can find your center. So you can feel peaceful. So you can be present. Taking a brief pause from our ...
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You are enough guided meditation featured image

You Are Enough

I see you. You’re driven, brilliant and loving. Others circle around you, marveling at you and the life you’ve created. Not out of envy, but in deep respect, wondering how you accomplish so much, or have what you have, or ...
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Wind down after work guided meditation featured image

Wind Down After Work

The intention of today's meditation is to help you wind down after a full day of work. Whether you've been working for an hour and need to shift into family life or time for yourself. Or, whether you've been working ...
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you’re feeling overwhelmed guided meditation featured image

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Today’s meditation was especially created for you when you feel overwhelmed...when you feel like you are carrying way too much on your shoulders. If your experience is anything like mine, you probably take up a lot of responsibilities in your ...
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clear your mind with 10 minutes of breathing guided meditation featured image

Clear Your Mind with 10 Minutes of Breathing

It is so easy for our minds to spin with thoughts; thoughts about what happened in the past or what can happen in the future. Thoughts that make us feel stressed and anxious. Thoughts that are full of excitement and ...
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